Monday, 30 March 2009

It stated with a kiss....

Actually, it started with a bonsai is more appropriate...but that sounded silly :-)

While waiting for some glue to dry, I started doing some research online and figured I'd twist some wire for a bonsai while I was reading.

Ha ha....totally got carried away and now I have the top part of a tree....and I don't know what to do with it.

It stands about 4" tall as it is. There is no trunk, this was supposed to be a bonsai remember. Hopefully I might be able to graft some kind of trunk onto it.

Too small for a whomping willow I thought about Treebeard the Ent but he wasn't as leafy as this up top....but...then again, that was just Peter Jacksons interpretation....does anyone know what an ent really looks like.

Or a Japanese red maple tree....or a large cherry blossom tree...hmmm...what do you think ?


  1. damn it Jayne, Just tuned into your blog and saw this and thought oooh shes going to take the 'dare' and start the willow, but alas not to be.......have fun whatever you make of it, it will be fab! Kate xx

  2. LOL Kate...I am sorry :-)

    As for the 'dare'...well... Mick informs me that it is very easy...wire, solder and some silicone I told him go have at it already. Honestly he cracks me up sometimes.

    However, his company are moving offices and taking nothing with them so he will be bringing home a boat load of wire for me soon :-) And perhaps many other goodies.

    I did think of doing this as the WW but it is too small ...hmmm...wonder if there is any call for a half scale one perhaps ???

  3. Oooh, I can see that as a cherry tree covered with blooms! Just seems to have the right shape and proportions for it, you wouldn't even have to make the trunk much thicker than the current base.

    - Grace

  4. Turn it into a ghostly tree. I'm making a ghostly broom today using wire so into ghosts at the moment. You could make it with a face too.
    Or turn it into an easter tree with hanging egg cups, little bits of blossom and little buds. That would look lovely.
    I could go on and on... lol

  5. I agree with Grace. It looks very much like a cherry tree.

    In case you haven't had a moment to read the blogs from this weekend, I'm trying to discover the name of the artist who made several rose bushes a friend purchased a few years ago.

    The signature on the bottom is simply "J. Akin '03." The post with a picture of one is here:

  6. A cherry tree was my original plan...but a bonsai lol.

    Good point about not needing to do much to the trunk though Grace.

    I thought about a ghost tree..or more a dead tree....Nikki you are probably too young to remember Follyfoot and the lightening tree but it reminded me of that at first.

    We have lots of dead, extremely ghostly looking trees around us from all the fires we get ...terribly sad they burn but they really do have a beauty of their own. Especially those ones that show the tiniest bit of regrowth on them.

    And a 2nd vote for cherry....thanks Kat.

    I've not seen that post...I'll go take a look but the name isn't familiar.

    So 2 votes for cherry, 1 for a ghostly tree and one peed off Kate :-)

  7. I'll put in another vote for ghostly. Just pretend i'm not me and so my two votes count.
    Ghostly it must be!

  8. When I saw your title I braced myself for something juicy and scandalous ;)
    Who knows, maybe you can tranform those 4 inches into something entitled "It Started With a Kiss Under the Cherry Tree"?

  9. I bet it really is a whomping willow but it just isn't fully developed yet, lol. You just can't be inspired like you were an not have it happen, some things are just meant to be!!

  10. Sorry nikki, 3rd vote for cherry. cherry blossom tree..make it blow in the wind and make at least a dozen of them. When they are in bloom, they hardly have any leaves, right, Jayne? In fact, you can combine a weeping willow and this. Check this site for a weeping cherry.

  11. Could it possibly be a hazelnut? they have sloping , thin branches, a bit ruffy. And lots of tender green leaves. And they are the hiding place for witches in my country so may be Nikki would approve my choice ;o))

  12. Sunny....juicy and scandalous LOL...I am the wrong side of 40 and chance of that :-)

    Hazelnut....hmm...something I've never thought of before. We have lots of those trees here in CA though.

    And another vote for cherry blossom :-)

    Jean..yes things often turn out just like that.

    Anyhoo, I've had another idea from my dear friend you'll have to wait :-)

  13. Well, i have 2 more votes from both of my other blogs. Count the other two as two diferet people and not me.. lol
    I will creat more blogs if need be... lol

  14. LOL Nikki...the one in the post I did today WILL be along your lines :-) Not telling what though yet.


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