Monday, 9 March 2009

Paper texturing experiment.

A few days ago I posted this photo.

I was hoping that by pressing damp paper against sandpaper and weighting it down I would be able to recreate a bobbly look for the foxglove leaves.

Well failed, miserably. I thought it would work, the sandpaper was really coarse, the paper is really thin and the books and trophy were really heavy. But back to the drawing board.

Mick has a rasp file...I think that's what it is I'll try to use that. If I place the paper over it and rub I am hoping that will give me the right effect. I'll let you know.


  1. What about laying dry paper on extremely coarse sandpaper and then rubbing it?

  2. I tried that first MiniKat.....that's why I tried this way.

    I think the rasp might work...just don't want to get too distracted by leaves yet :-)

  3. Hi Jayne...

    Can you try getting something that is the right texture...lightly dampin the paper and run both through a hand crank pasta machine on a thin setting?


  4. How much work, if people only knew... I'm avidly following your tut but I don't know if I'll ever be so brave to try.

  5. Be brave Rosanna :-)

    Jodi, I don't have a pasta machine but I have thought about getting one to try this on.

    I don't know how thin the thinnest setting is but I would imagine you could maybe pad it out with paper towels.

    The hardest thing with that would be finding something with a course enough texture to use.

    I used a rolling pin and all my weight to try and imitate a pasta machine but the sandpaper just didn't work.

    And I don't think Mick nor the pasta machine would appreciate me trying to run this rasp though it :-)

    I can do it by hand with a pad and a ball stylus...I was just trying to save time by having a whole sheet already textured.

  6. I've been looking around my house, garden and garage for anything you could make the texture with. Nothing suitable has been found, but i'll keep looking.
    One idea i do have is to use some fimo and make you own texture with some fine tools. Then do as above and press with some heavy books.
    I'll try and find out for you which polymr would be best for this. I'm not sure what caly can create the finest of details so will go and ask a clay tutor that follws my blog.
    Back when i hear from the lady.
    Nikki x


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