Thursday, 19 March 2009

Buds, buds, and more buds

Nothing new to show you all today. I have a little production line going on here. Those shown in the photo are 12 foxgloves with the top layers of buds on and fresh buds drying.

I don't really like working like this but it does make it much quicker in the long run. If I assemble the parts all in one go I then I have them all ready to put together. Pretty boring not having anything new to share though.

I also need to cut out more leaves....yuk. That is something I don't do all in one does my eyes in far too much to attempt that. For 175 buds, with each bud having 3 or 4 leaves, that makes somewhere in the region of 600 leaves to cut out.

Mick is working from home yesterday and today, for the simple reason he has lots of work to do and gets too many interruptions at work. So, in the interest of making sure I am not a distraction to him either, I have decided not to vacuum, dust, do laundry etc and am quietly making foxgloves instead :-)


  1. Your foxgloves are a work of art. I try and make things in a 'production line' too, gets it over and done with. But it does take longer to see the results, which is frustrating!
    My hubby worked from home yesterday so I 'hobbied' all day. He went out for an hour at the end of the day and I zipped around like a madwoman cleaning and tidying up...he was amazed at the transformation when he came back!
    Have fun!

  2. Such a sacrifice! The housework will simply have to wait... ;-)

  3. It doesn't seem a great sacrifice ;o)) I could stand it...

  4. The foxgloves are simply amazing and will be ever such a proud owner.
    Nikki x

  5. A sacrifice indeed :-)

    Thanks next post will tell you that is how they are staying for the moment :-(


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