Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Todays plan

Well this morning, Mick got up for work and promptly crawled back into bed…he came home sick yesterday. So that means I have an earlier start than normal.

I even went out walking early….before the daisies had even woken up…..it was beautiful out there. A little chilly but bright blue skies and dew still on everything.

Today I am going to attempt to make the buds like this one.

Not sure how yet but I’ll have a play. The only thing I am concerned about is, the plants I am making for Nikki are dark plum, so you may not see how they fold over so well…we’ll see.

With a little luck, I’ll be back this afternoon with photos.


  1. Jayne, The solution is to make a duplicate foxglove, in a lighter color, along side Nikki's. Easy peasey.
    I'm so glad I live far enough away you can't throw something at me. LOL


  2. Hmmmm....me thinks I'll send you some hot curry. I'll get ya :-)

  3. My Money is on your Jayne...you can do it ...and perfectely!

    Hope Mick is feeling better...those 'bugs' are pesky little creatures!!



  4. Thanks Jodi - as you can see from my newest post...I didn't do it perfectly.

    But it is all about learning right :-)


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