Thursday, 5 March 2009

Foxgloves.....the beginning.

I have been asked if I could make some foxgloves by Nikki of Witch and Wizard Miniatures

Well I've never attempted them before and at first glance at some photos I on earth can I make those from paper. And then hubby says "Foxgloves hmm they’ll be difficult"

Of course those are the words that make me think I WILL do that. Nothing like someone thinking I can’t do something to make me determined to prove I can. That is how Grace of Treefeathers got her geraniums :-) In fact most of my flowers started with the question from someone "Can you make.......?"

One of my other strange quirks, not that I haven't shared enough already, is that I want to be able to do everything...and get it right first time. Well I don't always get things right the first time but failures definitely spur me on.

Nothing better than a challenge I say, so bad finger be gone...I need you now. Maybe you can cast a spell my way Nikki :-)

I have decided to share pictures as I go along. I must be nuts allowing you to see my miserable failures along the way. I don't have time to do a step by step tutorial but you would get the general idea from the photos. Bear in mind that the content of first few photos will be junk until I figure out what I am doing but it will give you an insight into how I make flowers.....and in particular, at the beginning, how not to do things.

Nikki, if you see me whining about it...and I guarantee you will... please don't feel guilty. The more whining I do, the more I am enjoying it and the greater the achievement the end result is.

And Debbie...thanks for the photos you've sent my way...most helpful.

So sit back and enjoy the ride I promise this one will be bumpy but I’ll save the cursing for the privacy of my own home :-)


  1. Hi Jayne. Oh looking forward to this.
    Really sorry but i have no witchy skills to make your finger better. But please please please dont make them if your finger stops you.
    If i did have any magical skills then i'd make that finger better.
    Maybe you could make the flowers like papier mache. Not thick but shape each bell shape onto the end of something to dry and then take off beofr adding leaves etc. I have no idea how flowers are made but maybe wetting the paper and shaping would work.
    Glad debbies pictures will be of use and wish i had a garden and land so big.
    Had to laugh because Debbie is saving me some seeds in the summer. My garden is the size of a stamp and 3 seeds will fill it up, but i do still want these seeds Debbie so ignore my tiny stamp issue. Plus my mum has a big garden and she loves foxgloves so will give some to her.
    Alos if you rant and rave while they may or may not go wrong i will try not to feel guilty.
    But saying that i know i will... Lol.

  2. Never was worth a try :-)

    Wetting and shaping the paper is pretty much how I do all of them...just haven't done a cone shape before. I can figure out the bell shape but then it is trying to get the bottom edges to curl up.

    I'll figure it out...don't you worry !


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