Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Harry Potter

All this chatter about Harry Potter and co has got me thinking.

Are there any plants or flowers in there ?

It might be fun to have a go at something strange :-)

So HP fans......any ideas ?


  1. Hi Jayne. Ill find all my lists of flowers sued in potions and get back to you. May be a few days until i manage to find though.

  2. Cheers Nikki....anything to get my head away from the idea of making a cherry blossom tree next :-)

  3. Jayne, I use the Harry Potter Lexicon. Here's the link: http://www.hp-lexicon.org/magic/potions-enc.html
    This lists all the potions and their ingredients.
    Monkshood(Wolfsbane), Nettles,Lovage, Daisy, Fluxweed,ginger,hellebore, to name but a few..There's also some strange ones like Knotgrass, Chinease Chomping Cabbage, bubotuber. Have a look Jayne you might get some ideas.

  4. I don't now if I understand the question wright, but Harry Potter has a plant who does talk? I don't now how they call him........
    * marlies

  5. Thanks Debbie...I've been looking at that site.

    I guess the problem is my imagination doesn't naturally lean in that direction so I was hoping for actual photos of things I could copy in miniature. I really couldn't conjure up magic plants out of my own brain lol.

    I guess I could do the ones that really exist.

    A plant that can talk....thanks marlies I'll look it up.

    Perhaps I should just watch the movies :-)

    Sans...no cherry blossom....at least not yet...I am trying to talk myself out of it ...sooo much work.

  6. Hi Jayne. I see Debbie has got here before me... lol.
    That site is great for the plants in harry potter. Most of them are real as you probably know. Just type each one into google images and most should bring up suitable pictures. I know thats what i did to find out what snakeroot looked like. flux-weed, hemlock and nightshade, poison ivy, wormseed, toadflax are in many of the potions alongside loads of others. I'm still looking for that list of mine but must have thrown it out by accident during my massive tidy.
    A nice idea would be to make just a stem or so of each and put them in books on a prep board with the cuttings in a little bowl and sell as miniatures.you could make such nice flower pressing scenes which would sell like hot cakes i'm sure.

  7. Oh, forgot this one. Mandrakes are the best and you could make wonderful leaves with your abilities.
    Next time i make some i'm going to have a go with paper leaves like how you have been working with the foxgloves. They won't i'm sure come up as good as yours but will be better than my old polymer ones.
    I bought some paper holly leaves at the show last weekend and i've used 3 on a witches broom with the little berries. Looks lovely now its complete.
    Oh yes, you will laugh. I've almost got lots of miniatures ready so i can start selling again. I've been messing around for weeks and need to get myself back in gear.
    When you have the time will you be able to show everyone how you made the staff with a light. Really interested to find out how so i can do the same to brooms. I know you are ever so busy though.
    I think the willow if you make it will drive you mad and all those leaves will be endless. I love the last picture you are showing with the lovelyt pink/red flowers. That would look wonderful!

  8. yay a willow, have you checked the pics of the whomping willow in the Potter films? It is such a great tree, all twisty and full of character.I have badgered Nikki about it when we have made some more progress on the house, for it to sit by its side, how cool would that be!
    I agree, Mandrakes with nice big droopy leaves would be great. If you check out the Potter Video Nikki has on her blog there is a great conservatory full of plants all wierd and wonderful. Love the very tall ones with the funnel heads and strange vines coming out of them!! Kate xx

  9. Oh thanks Nikki........now I have to add 'learn how to make books' to my long list of things to learn lol.

    But seriously, flower pressings, that is a great idea...I used to do that when i was a kid.

    Mandrakes...hmm...I made some years ago but they got so popular and it seemed everyone was doing them at one point.

    Polymer clay has it's uses but it is so hard to get that paper thin translucent effect that you can get with paper. Your leaves are great, as is the sunflower you bought but I've seen some real awful clay flowers out there.

    A willow will drive me mad....but those are the ones I love, even if I do whine about them. The sense of achievement at the end is mainly always worth it :-)

    We will do a tutorial for lights as soon as we can. Mick needs to do it more than me though and at the moment he is getting home from work, eating then falling straight into bed he is working so late. And, as of Monday, he is moving so has to add an extra 100 miles to his commute so even longer hours :-(

    A lit broom would be good though..I am thinking maybe fiber optics for that...not that I have any clue what I am talking about lol. Where would you hide the battery though ?

  10. The whomping willow....lol...I am crazy but not that bad.

    Shhh...don't tell anyone but I actually have been looking at it the last few days.

  11. Oh yes, didn't think of the batteries... lol. Should have gone blonde rather than the dark... oh lol!

  12. Well i do have bits of blonde when my hair is not dyed, so maybe thats why... lol.
    I'm sure i could hide a battery in the bristles of the broom. Mind you spent hours with bristles on my broom today and adding the battery will only complicate things. Think i'll stick to just a staff.

  13. And I have bad dark roots...in fact it is about time for Mick to tell me to go get my roots done...he does so when he thinks I'm getting too smart :-)

    We used hearing aid sized batteries for the staff but there is a circuit board that needs to be hidden as well.

    Easy with a doll on a base but a broom...hmmm.


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