Thursday, 5 March 2009

Foxgloves Pt 1

Well I haven't got very far as yet but I'll post what I have so far.

Today I am painting paper for the flowers. Here you can see them hanging over my stove.

Normally I would hang them outside on the washing line. However, a Black Phoebe has decided it is his perch and I don't really want that kind of texture on the paper.

The colors are much paler than they will be when they are finished. this is just the first wash of paint.

And now we have the flowers. I have only got as far as the teeny tiny buds at the top and haven't got those right yet.

Please bear in mind that these photos are
magnified a billion percent and, even though they aren't right, look far,far better in real life.

The section you see in these following 2 photos is under a quarter inch high.

The first method I tried was with floral tape.

I cut it into strips about a quarter inch wide and twisted it to make the bud shapes.

The leaves are made from tiny strips of paper.

The idea was good but I didn't like the finish so into the trash it went.

Gosh, this next photo looks like something you'd see under a microscope in science class. You can see all the fibers in the paper...I can't even see that with my glasses on.

Anyhow, for my next trick...I took cotton thread and dipped it in paint numerous times to make the buds.

Although this kinda gave me the effect I wanted it isn't quite there yet. I was thinking they'd be so small I wouldn't need to put leaves over the unopened flower and that painting them green would be enough.

I guess I should have known better and that I wouldn't be happy with that.

Also, using paint doesn't give me a pointy enough bud.

So back to the drawing board.


  1. You dip cotton thread into paint for the buds. How many times did you have to dip in order to get such a good effect? I know you want them more pointed, still what you have thus far already looks like plantlife. Your colors look spot on perfect to my eyes.
    ps- If I took these pics they would look like eensy-weensy blobs of spinach.


  2. How many times....erm...lots :-)

    Yeah they do look like plantlife I guess...but not foxglove plantlife.

    I have a good camera , studio lighting and a tripod :-)

  3. I love the way the first buds looked. Your colors look really nice too. I"m with you on the indoor drying for the paper. Most texture is great for minis, but none courtesy of a Black Phoebe.

  4. My goodness, I'll never ever try to do flowers anymore, I feel ashamed by your work, It seems perfect to my ineducated eyes. I'll ask you for my flowers.

  5. I'm looking forward to see the result!
    Good luck with them!
    Foxgloves are among my favourite flowers. :-)

  6. I was just about to ask what kind of camera are you using. I am seriously thinking of upgrading mine to yours.

    I can't imagine the number of mini lovers lining outside your trash can if you are throwing all those plants away. Thank you for sharing your wonderful tips. I will be following your next post closely.

  7. I too would be hanging round your house on trash/rubbish day. I also wouldn't mind just waiting next to the bin and stashing up all your mistakes. I'd just live in the bin i think.
    The first was simply amazing and looked just like real foxgloves.
    Can't wait to see all your stages and looking forward to the ending result.
    Nikki x

  8. I seem to have a distant memory of people begging for Jayne's throw-aways...The foxgloves will be perfect and you won't get them until they are, Nikki!

  9. Jayne really looking forward to watching the Foxgloves grow..

  10. Oh Rosanna you mustn’t give up and never feel ashamed. I’ve been making these for over a year just takes practice.

    San …I have a Canon Powershot S2IS. It wasn’t super expensive and it is really old now so they are likely much cheaper. I didn’t actually buy it for the close ups so much as, at the time, it had the best zoom feature. I take a lot of regular photos, especially birds so needed a good zoom. These were taken with the supermacro function and the lens was literally mm from the plant.

    Yes Brenda is right…people do ask for my cast I wish I were so tidy they went in a trash can. I usually flick them across my workbench in disgust and once in a while scoop them all into a box.

    I did actually send Patti some rejects a short while back but that is the first time I have ever given any of them away.

    Thanks to everyone else for you comments...I feel right in the spotlight now...not too much pressure huh :-)

  11. It's great to watch. But now i feel your stressing is all my fault.
    But i know what you mean when you can't do something or it doesnt look right. When i started making miniatures just 2 years ago i didn't have a clue how to make anything. But it only made me determined to learn and experiment.
    I'd never worked with clay and had a box of equipment the size of a shoe box to get me started. Now two years later i know something at least but still experiment ever day until i get it right.
    My problem today is having no wire and wanting to make something that needs wire. I've searched high and low for something to use and while feeding next doors cat this evening i noticed his paper clips so pinched a few. Only a few though, pinching is wrong.
    Will call back later and see if you have made any more discoveries.
    Nikki x

  12. LOL Nikki....don't be daft :-)

    I am actually not stressing very much at all...I'm loving it. The harder something is for me the greater sense of achievement when I get it right. If this were easy I'd be bored to tears and would give it up.

    I know the feeling about needing to find something to substitute for what you don't have...I scoured the house yesterday wondering what I could use as a base for buds.

    Now go put that determination you have to work on clay people...Jodi says can't have more motivation than that :-)

  13. Um, no need checking my trash cans. I haven't tossed out one single 'mistake' that Jayne sent. I kept the little packets out for days so I could enjoy marvelling at them.

    Rosanna, Before I was really familiar with all that goes into Jayne's creations, I smugly offered to make and send her a pineapple. Hey, she said she wan't sure how to make one. How was I to know she meant she hadn't figured out quite how she would reproduce one to incredible perfection. I did send my pineappley looking thing. Jayne was very gracious about it. LOL


  14. Hey you, that pineapple was excellent...I even gave it you back...surrounded by flowers of course :-)


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