Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Starting again.

I know I said I'd go with that one till it was completed but it was just too bad and I couldn' more for the trash :-)

Now, you'll have to bear with me while I start again.

I've done the very top buds...these won't be poseable but this is the only way to get them so small.

I used exactly the same method of placing the leaves etc. Just be very careful if you give this a go...I cut my finger trimming one of the buds..nothing some zap a gap couldn't cure but be careful.

The leaves...well...they are now 1/32 of an inch.

Nikki...I hope you like the end this point I do believe you'll be the only person ever to own some Tallulah Belle foxgloves. Shame I'll never be famous :-)

You'll have to trust me that they look much better in real life.....getting in so close makes them look awful :-(


  1. The top buds look fantastic! Looking really good so far.

  2. Thanks, I'll try and get it right this time :-)

  3. Hi, the most patient Jayne i know. I think they are wonderful and so in love with them already. I couldn't ask for more because they are perfection. I do feel awful because they seem to be taking over your life.
    Please just make less than the 8 because then i will feel much better. I know what its like when you start something that takes so much longer than you first thought. Maybe instead of making the 8 you could mix them in with another type of flower that is much easier for you to make. I kove your poppies so maybe they would looks nice mixed in instead of making 8 foxgloves. I really do feel guilty.
    Hope your are not too tired spending so much time on them.
    The colour of the buds is the perfect shade of purple and my favourite colour. You couldn't have got them more spot on. I love that colour so much!
    I can't wait to see them finished and i really don't have the right words to say Thank You.
    Nikki x

  4. Oi...and I can say that to you as a fellow Brit ....what did I tell ya about feeling guilty.

    Once I get the hang of one I'll be is just getting the first one right that is the hardest...then I'm good to go....just not sure I want to mass produce them lol.

    Although after these I will likely make some dead, poisonous ones !

    And you are not taking over my life...I'd be doing something like this anyhow.

    I am pleased you like the color though...I mixed it from a few shades to try and match the photo you sent me.

  5. Nikki, This is only Jayne being Jayne. :-)
    Please notice the Birds of Paradise on this blog's slide show. You should have heard her working those rascals out! She pledged she NEVER would make another after the first ones...then she made HOW many for a wedding gift order, Jayne? LOL
    I've been the lucky recipient of some of her trials and (what she perceives as errors) also she gives the greatest swap items!
    So don't fret Nikki. :-)



  6. Erm...lots of the darn things :-)

    See Nikki....this is perfectly normal for me....DON"T feel guilty.

    And another thing I thought of...I am only making 1 right now to see how it turns out so a lot of the time is spent waiting for things to dry. Until I know exactly how to do it I shan't get ahead of myself and have 8 on the go at once.

    But once I do it'll be much quicker.


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