Wednesday, 22 December 2010

It has been a while :-)

I've actually been meaning to post sooner but have been manic sorting out Christmas shopping and the like. I used to love it when I lived back home but here, not only do I have to find the right gifts, I have to make sure they are small enough and light enough so that shipping doesn't cost a fortune. Then the delight of packing them all up and standing in line at the Post office.

If you bought anything from me in 2010 you should by now have received a gift from me. Just a small token of my thanks for your business. Without you I wouldn't be here blogging. If, for any reason, you've not received it please email me.

Being so far from home and my family and friends, Christmas over here is a quiet and often sad affair.

This year I did decide that I was going to do some decorating for Christmas even if it was only a small amount. 

I managed to get a gorgeous wreath and garland on sale....$15 for both instead of about $200...impressive huh.

I also bought some adorable tiny white ceramic birds and decorated the wreath and garland with them.

It looks so pretty lit up. I am such a simple person sometimes...a few twinkly white lights and I am happy :-)

In other news here we are having a doozy as a storm. It is called a pineapple express storm but that makes it sound much nicer than it is. It has rained constantly and heavily now for over a week. I've never seen rain like this anywhere I've lived.

We live in the desert yet we are on flood watch and many roads are closed due to flooding. The mountains got over 15 feet of snowfall over the weekend alone. Unfortunately the clouds are so low I've not been able to see any of it. We are in the valley so are just getting the rain.

This is my garden at the minute :-(


Even the poor slugs are suffering and are scaling the walls and taking shelter on the windowsills and under the eves.

Other than this there has been nothing fun happening here. A couple of dentist appointments and I am back at the dentist tomorrow ugh.   Oh well, at least I'll get a good nap out of that :-)

Sorry I've not had chance to keep up with every ones blogs. One of my resolutions for next year is to manage my time better ... we'll see how that goes lol

Have a wonderful holiday everyone

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Tis the season to be....SPOOKY !

Even witches celebrate Christmas...their trees are just a little different
and a lot more spooky :-)

This one is decorated with a multitude of witchy ornaments.

Skulls, toadstools, severed chicken feet, skelly heads, shiny red poison apples, magic spell scrolls, frogs legs, fresh from the field baby pumpkins and even stars...only difference is the stars are made from bones.

All topped off with a large bone star.
Skelly heads and skulls glow in the dark for added effect :-)

Hope you like it !

I've likely left it a tad late to be listing it on etsy but figured I'd give it a try...if not I can enjoy it myself till next Christmas :-)

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Good luck

To anyone who is going to attempt to get to KDF tomorrow or over the weekend.

You have some insane weather over there so I am sure it will be a struggle for sellers and buyers alike.

Take care, be warm and stay safe.