Thursday, 2 December 2010

Good luck

To anyone who is going to attempt to get to KDF tomorrow or over the weekend.

You have some insane weather over there so I am sure it will be a struggle for sellers and buyers alike.

Take care, be warm and stay safe.



  1. Been hearing that a few exhibitors are not going Jayne. Just to dangerous on the Roads and a lot are snowed in. Gatwick Airport is Shut, so any overseas exhibitors trying to fly in, are going to have their work cut out trying to get here. x

  2. I figured as much Debbie. And even if the local exhibitors get there I doubt there'll be many buyers attempt to. I hadn't heard about Gatwick...need to get me on facebook I think :-)

  3. I have read all over about the terrible state of snow. How are you over at your end?

  4. It's one of the worst Autumns we've had for 45 years I heard! :o((

    Gatwick opened at lunch time today. But as you say it's the collectors/buyers who have to get there too and if I had a ticket I wouldn't be attempting such a dangerous and really non essential journey. Dangerous icy roads are due tonight etc so that makes the roads even worse than they are now.

    Michelle xxx

  5. Susan I am in is fine. My idea of chilly now is when it drops to 20 degrees lol. I can see loads of snow on the mountains that surround us so if I want to go play I can :-)

  6. I can beleive that Michelle....I don't recall it being this bad before.

    I wouldn't be going out either...there is nothing I need that much lol


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