Friday, 28 March 2014


It's Spring Miniatura time !

Luckily for me it is held in my home town Birmingham. I've moved to the neighbouring county now but it is still only a short train ride for me.

I've only ever been once and I am guessing it was in the 80's. Although I wasn't making back then I still had an interest in minis :-) Back then it was a very small affair in a room at a local hotel so this huge event at the NEC will be very different.

I am super excited to go...not because of anything I might buy, in fact I have no plans to buy much really but....I can't wait to meet many of my mini friends. Some of whom I've known for many, many years.

After years of chatting online we finally get to meet ....wooo !

I am still being kept busy with custom orders but every now and then I get a gap which gives me the chance to make something from my own imagination....and here is the latest....Bonita.

Friday, 14 March 2014

I have been terribly lax at keeping this blog up to of those things I keep meaning to do but never got round to.

My time has been spent mainly mini making and I've had a number of commission in half scale which has been challenging but fun.
Here is a selection some of the custom orders I've made so far this year :-)

Click on the photos for a more detailed view.

Half Scale Dandelions

My interpretation of the Fanged Geranium from Harry Potter

My interpretation of the Flitterbloom from Harry Potter

Half Scale


Half Scale herb and dried flower bunches


Back soon with more new creations :-) In the meantime I am on facebook quite a bit so you can always see what I am up to there.