Wednesday, 27 April 2011

I'm back...kinda

Hi Folks,

I am back and have been so for just over a week. I have just had a lot of personal things to deal with since I got back, hence no time to get on here :-(

And I am off to Vegas this weekend to meet up with one of my English friends who is coming over here. Then we are flying up to Minneapolis for a while to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra again...yes they were that good lol

We had a wonderful time, visited lots of places and met up with some bloggy friends which was perfect.  I have loads of photos to show you all, including some awesome old buildings for all you house builders  :-)  I just haven't had time to sort though my 1000's of photos as yet :-)
 I was going to add just a couple of piccies but Blogger wants to lay them all sideways on here, even though they aren't they way to start with ugh. If I rotate them then it changes all the size and aspect ratio. See some things never change and blogger is as temperamental as ever lol

So..I'll just have to leave it as this for now but I'll be back as soon as I can :-)

Toodle Pip xxx