Sunday, 3 August 2014

Busy, busy, busy !

As usual things have been busy here :-)  

On top of working I've been away quite a bit in my campervan. We often don't get much of a summer over here so I have to take advantage when I can :-)

This is such a beautiful country and I can drive an hour away and be a forest, or up a mountain, or by the side of a lake. And it costs me little more then staying at home all off I go :-)

I've been to quite a few really amazing weekend art / music festivals and I also went to Glastonbury again this year. Couldn't get a campervan spot this year so had to camp in a small tent..... it rained most off the time so I spent most of  it very wet but it was well worth it :-) Glastonbury still has a very hippy / arty vibe...I wish they'd show that on the TV rather than just the main stages. I could spend a week there and never see a big name band and still be happy. There are so many opportunities to learn a new art.

In between I've managed to keep up with my commissions so I'll leave you with some photos of a few plants I've made recently.