Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving....

To all my American friends....and to the rest of you Happy Thursday :-)

Not being American, Thanksgiving isn't quite the same for us. Not that we don't love a turkey dinner but we are really small eaters and even the smallest turkey breast would feed us for years lol. And neither of us are into American football so that is another tradition we shan't be partaking in.

So, we  made a last minute decision to take a ride out to San Diego for the weekend. Mick has some skydiving friends out there I've never met, and one is a Brit, so that should be fun.

But, the main reason we are going is to see the Tran Siberian Orchestra perform which we are really looking forward to.

They put on such a theatrical show with lots of flames, fireworks, fog and dancing...oh and their music is pretty awesome too ...can't wait.

Here is a short clip for those who may not have heard of them.

Not much going on here at the mo. I've just got through the torture that is known as open enrollment (when we have to decide who to have medical insurance  etc with for the next year ) and have spent my time filing and sorting out masses of papers so no decorating done as yet.

I have a idea for an awesome spooky Christmas tree, in mini of course, but I can't see I'll get that done in time for Christmas now :- (

Anyhow, to all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, have a wonderful time and
don't eat too much pie :-) 



  1. You are so lucky!! I would love to see Trans Siberian Orchestra in person. I have only seen them on TV. Have a great weekend.

  2. have a wonderful Thanksgiving in San Diego!


  3. Have a great trip. But leave the bike at home!!!

  4. Have a great time with Mick's Friends Jayne. Maybe they will take you Sky Diving..LOL xxxx

  5. I am lucky Teresa :-) We live right close to San Diego though and the tickets were nowhere near as expensive as I expected them to be.

  6. Thanks Claudia...tis a tad chilly there at the mo :-)

  7. I am too old for that lark Debbie...especially in winter lol. Will be nice to natter with a cockney though :-)

  8. Janice the bike hasn't been used in a couple of weeks..we are having a right cold spell. Supposed to drop below freezing tonight !

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I know you will love seeing the orchestra in person! I'm sure the show will be great!
    Hope you have a wonderful time and stay warm!

  10. Happy Thursday to you too LOL hope you enjoy the show, you lucky thing! I'd love to see it! I first heard of them when their 'wizards in winter' tune was used in that xmas house lightshow that circulated the globe via youtube a few years ago and scoured the web until I found a copy of their CD!
    looking forward to seeing your spooky tree :o)

  11. That's pretty much how they got know over here as
    well Wendie :-)

    They are touring the Uk as well but not sure when. I swore I saw them before playing with ELO (showing my age here lol) but it says this is their first UK tour.

    Should be fun though..I like a good theatrical show no matter who it is.

  12. ELO! OMG I saw them went I was a kid! Are you a fan?? xxxx Hope you had fun and a belated thanks giving to all of you.

  13. WOW! That preview is pure magic! There's something to be said about bands from those days. Thanks for the intro.

    Cold days are not good for decorating. Everything takes ages to dry! :)

  14. OOooo theyre in london March 28th! Im gonna HAVE to get tickets now!!! look what you started :o) x


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