Thursday, 11 November 2010

First off, thank you to everyone who took the time to visit all of the participants in Kats online Halloween party and for leaving comments on mine.

I am so miffed I wasn't able to play a more active part.  I was having dental treatment so had to schedule the post early to be able to be part of it at all and was left feeling somewhat the worse for wear for a while after the dentist trip.

I still have more work to be done and have a another visit scheduled tomorrow...maybe next time the sedative they give me will actually be the drug they say it is ...i.e the one I've had before and know works rather than some other drug that did nothing grrr.

Anyhow, in between this I managed to take a most wonderful trip up North.

I've been communicating online and on the phone with a lady from the east coast who I met in a miniatures group years ago. Up until last weekend we had never met. But she was in California for a wedding and there was no way I'd let her be in the same state without meeting up. Those of you who have known me as long will know Patti (Sugar Chicky) who I am referring to.

So Mick and I took a ride up to Napa to meet Patti and her hubby. We only had one day together but we took them to visit San Francisco and Berkley and had a great time, even if it was belting it down with rain half of the day :-) They had to fly back the next morning at 4am but we still managed to stay in the bar past midnight and make the most of the too short time we had together.

I didn't take many photos at all because I've been there before and unfortunately, Patti lost her camera on the flight home. Hopefully there'll be an honest person who turns it in as her camera holds the only photos of us together :-(

Now it is back to reality and back to work. 

I have some commissions I need to get on with but aside from these I am planning on taking a bit of a break. We have been in this house a year now and have barely done anything. I have been crazy busy with minis this year I haven't had the time. So I need to spend some time concentrating on getting some house things done. Things like curtains in the bedroom to replace the blankets that are pinned up there would be nice :-)

So I might not have many minis to blog about but perhaps I'll put up some house project piccies as I go along. 


  1. Jayne how lovely that you managed to meet up with your online friend, but how sad that shhe's lost her camera. I hope someone finds and returns it. I for one would love to see your House piccies, as you go along. xxx

  2. Jayne, it's so nice you managed to meet a blog friend. I love when I can see one's face in flesh and bones rather than an icon.Hopefully she will have her camera back, if she has left it on the plane someone must have found it. Best wishes with the dental works. Minihugs Rosanna

  3. Hey, share the house projects. I love peeping in to other people's houses!
    Nice to hear you had a nice trip after all the months of cycle agro!

  4. Good to hear about blog friends meeting up, glad you had a good time :)
    Enjoy your 1:1 house projects, a few pics would be fun.
    Also, thanks for letting us know about slowing down on minis - sometimes you wonder about people 'dropping out' - it's good to not to have to be concerned about the silence :))))

  5. Don't worry about my Haunted House Party I'll do another one next year for a laugh ha ha! I would love to see your house as you do it up :-) please post some photos. I hope your friend gets her camera back and I hope all goes well at the dentist xxxxx

  6. I would LOVE to see house progress pics!! I hope your teeth and mouth are all better soon!!!

  7. Im hoping I can make next years too Jayne, I just didnt get a minuite this year and then was away for a few days and missed it! Doh! Your trip sounds wonderful, its nice to get away for a few days isnt it. All the best with that horrid dentist, ehhhhh!Taking pics of my floozies as we speak so expcet a post soon, better late than never! Love Kate xxxx

  8. I too am afraid of dentist :). You know one time, I slammed the car door on my finger and there was a blood clot so painful, I had no choice but to see a doc. The doc decided we had to prick my finger where the blood clot is with a needle and of course he had to burn the needle with me watching it. I was already in pain and when I saw the needle coming towards me, I couldn't keep still and kept moving. I can't remember whether he prick my finger or not but my seat was completely wet when I stood up. It was my sweat! :):)

    You know I will love to see pics of your house. Once you set your mind to it, you can finish doing up the house before Xmas.

    I hope Patti finds her camera soon too.


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