Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Foxgloves continued.

So here are revised instructions for the next 2 layers of buds.

I wasn't happy with the way they were turning out previously so you'll see I changed the way I have done them slightly.

Ignore the fact that this starts at step 9, I will eventually put this all into one document with complete instructions so have now started numbering the steps.

I am actually still not happy with step 11 so will likely change that again :-)

* * * * * * * * *

9. Following down from the very top buds, you'll see that the actual flower part of these are more visible than the first you did.

Take some floral tape and cut it onto strips approx 1/8th inch wide.

Wrap around the end of a toothpick until you have a bud shape.

10. Once it is wrapped, push the end against a hard surface to flatten the end.

11. Paint with the same pale green color you used earlier and add blush with chalk. Dip the flat end in white chalk. As with the previous buds, add the leaves around the base but don’t bring them right to the tip of the bud.

12. The next level of buds are starting to open.

Take another strip of 1/8th inch floral tape and wrap once or twice around your wire.

Then, and now comes the tricky bit, place the end of a toothpick just onto the floral tape.

13. Continue wrapping the tape going up onto the toothpick.

14. Gently slide off the toothpick and you will see you have a round opening at the end.

15. I wanted to square this opening off a little so I used a cuticle stick that I have sanded down. Just push it in and wiggle it around a little.

16. Paint this bud in the same color paint you will use for the flowers, but add some white to make it a shade lighter. Then take a smear of white paint on a non absorbent surface and gently dip the end of this bud in. You will be left with a tiny ring of white around the opening.

17. Take a ball nose stylus and gently push the sides in…do the top and bottom first then the two sides.

And this concludes today's lesson :-)

I now have to go make a whole bunch of these on top of the other buds......I may be some time before we can move onto the flowers.


  1. They are looking quite good, Jayne. Your patience absolutely amazes me!

  2. Absolutely fantastic! You have amazing amounts of patience.

  3. Jayne they look fantastic. You have the patience of a Saint..

  4. I do not know what to say....OOOOOOHHHHH is adeguate?

  5. Best thing about this tutorial is that it is very clear and concise. I have all the equipment and may want to try it this weekend. The pictures really really help too and you even label it. Bravo, Jayne, really enjoyed this.

  6. Actually I have very little patience with many other things...I do often find it rather strange that I can do this.

    Sans...I'd LOVE it if you had a go. Oh and if you get to the flowers before me please tell me how you make them :-)


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