Thursday, 12 March 2009

Wooo $@*$!*&#$%& Hoo

Well folks...I do believe this is it.....I am pretty happy with this one :-)

See I do get there in the end. If anyone has any criticism about these speak up now or forever hold your peace :-)

I think the next lot can wait until tomorrow.


  1. Well, you know...if that's the best you can come up with, I suppose they'll have to do.

  2. You do know I'm kidding, don't you, Jayne? OMG...they are perfection!

  3. Only I can dry my eyes now.

    LOL Of course I knew you were kidding.

    Now go antique a hutch :-)

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! If I lived in SoCal I would take you out for some much deserved chocolate.

  5. Awesome, Jayne, they look just like the real ones!

  6. YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!!! Nikki will be overjoied. And you have been so quick... cannot believe it.

  7. No one doubted that you eventually would come up with it. Has it been a week? You must be quite out of breath by now :). I have started collecting plastic pudding bowls to put the tiny leaves and petals that I probably will never start on.

  8. From where I am sitting.. those look like absolute perfection Jayne... It was a joy to watch their creation..

    Thanks for sharing


  9. Hi Jayne,
    I've just discovered your blog. The foxgloves look great!
    I read about your attempt to give some texture to the paper for the leaves. I have rolled wet paper between two sheets of sandpaper through a pasta machine, and it works fine. You can even paint over it when dry. However, I found using a blunt needle (like an embroidery needle) also works very well on finished leaves and gives you much control. I suppose the final effect will depend on the type of paper you use.
    Best wishes, Josje

  10. Jayne thats it, thats what I have growing in my garden... Absolutely Brilliant.

  11. Thank you all very much...I am still grinning here :-)

    You know for all the whining and grunting I do when I am trying to figure something out there is nothing like that feeling you get when it all comes together.

    Yeah it has been about a week ...but honestly I haven't spent every waking moment doing these.

    When you get bowls to keep your leaves etc in make sure they have lids. These things are so small they end up everywhere...literally.

    Josje...thanks for letting me know about the pasta machine. We were talking about whether that would work the other day.

    I will need one for clay eventually so should just go get one now.

    Your website is beautiful by the way...did you make the flowers shown on there ?...very impressive.

    As for sharing...I have to say it has been really fun...I certainly never expected it to be this way but I am loving it :-)

    MiniKat...chocolate huh....perfect.

    And Debbie...I do hope they look like the ones in your garden seeing as that is the photo I am working from :-)

  12. Thank you Jayne. Yes, most of the plants were made by me. I really enjoy making them, especially when the real ones are flowering so I can have a good look at them. So guess what I am making now....daffodils...they're finally in flower in my garden!

  13. WOW, they are just amazing, you must have some patience!!! Wonderful creation
    Kate and john xx

  14. You are welcome Josje...your flowers are excellent.

    Daffodils are probably my favorite flower in real life...and to make in miniature. I hope you post some pictures.

    Do you have a blog or just your website ?

    Thanks Kate & John.....patience and the ability to hold your breath is all that is needed :-)

  15. hi!!! your flowers are wonderfull, I can just say "OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" :O)


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