Thursday, 26 March 2009

Paperclay pics for kate

I happened to take photos as I was making this small piece of wall...they aren't great as I wasn't doing them for a tutorial or anything.

It was also one of my earliest attempts with paperclay but you should be able to get the idea of the technique I use I don't do anything different now...have just got better at it.

Ignore the card I used as a base, that would be your floor...I was just making a small wall to fit into a shadow box

One other thing...keep the parts of paperclay you aren't working on covered with a damp cloth to stop it from drying out.

Hope this helps :-)



  1. Cant thankyou enough this is brilliant and so cool to have the pics to go by too. I will get ordering some paperclay tomorrow. Its really helpful to see it step by step so thankyou for taking the time to put this on your blog jayne, hope I can return the favour one day! lol xxxxKate xxx

  2. Brilliant Jayne. I can use this for one of my planned projects and once done will post a picture.
    Its a witches shed that is to the side of a house, kind of like an outdoor loo.
    I was undecided what surface to use until you showed this.
    The brick colours look just perfect for what i want.
    Thanks Jayne.

  3. I forgot to ask. What type of paint did you use?
    Hope you don't mind me asking. Also, i love the colors and would be interested in knowing those too.
    It all looks brillinat.

  4. Nikki...didn't you use paperclay for John & Kate's fireplace ?

    I use regular acrylic paint watered down. Colors vary but I generally for a brown wall I use burnt umber, dark burnt umber, lichen grey & sandstone. And I don't wash my brush in between, just dip between the pots so it mixes the colors up and makes it more random.

  5. Hi Jayne. Yes i did but i like the colours you have used and the look of your bricks. I can only ever do greyish tiles because any other colour always goes wrong.
    I just like your way more than my own.

  6. Oh no...your fireplace was fab...way better than this effort.

    One think I found with the browns is water them down well, otherwise they just look too painted.

    And give it all a final wash of all the scraps of paint left over and watered down some more.

    I also use real grout...a total pain in the bum to push into the gaps but very effective. There are no pics of that in these though.

  7. Thanks for sharing all your tips Jayne. Love the colours you used.

  8. No problem

    That wasn't the final color but I can't find any more pics of it.

    It looked pretty much the same but not as wishy washy.


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