Friday, 6 March 2009

Buds and leaves

I figured if I was going to show you some pictures I may as well show you as many steps as I can. Just in case someone else wants to try and make some as well.

This is paper covered wire. If you know anything about wire it is 30 gauge...very thin. I have never seen wire like this in stores, I actually bought this from Era amazing miniature flower maker. You can see her website here.

The wire is dipped into Sobo glue. A white glue but much runnier than tacky glue. I leave it to almost dry then shape it with the tips of my fingers. Once dry I then dip it into the color paint I want for the buds. You can see the bottom row has been painted.

How many dips into glue and paint depends on how big I want the buds to be. Some only need 1 dip, others many.

Do you like my temporary drying rack...bamboo sticks balanced between open drawers....I do hope we don't get an earthquake today...those things rattle like crazy and I don't much fancy looking through the carpet for all of those.

And next come the leaves. This one is shown on the end of a regular scalpel blade.

You can't buy paper punches this small so these all have to be cut by hand

So now I have to go cut many, many leaves. Lucky for me these don't need to be veined :-)

Hopefully now you understand why I said this wouldn't be a quick challenge.


  1. Very cool to see your whole process, Jayne!

  2. Don't just wow...give it a go :-)

  3. Nopies, there's no way this chick could hold her breath long enough to cut those teeny leaves. Still the tips you are giving within this process can be helpful for other projects, like putting leafy vines up a house.
    This is truly a treat to see and learn from your work.



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