Saturday, 21 March 2009

More Awards

Goodness me....these awards are all over the show.

Thank you Sam for awarding me the Sisterhood award.

I do believe that as I have already had it and passed it on I don't have to do it again but thanks very much for giving it to me.

No foxgloves today...I am still recovering from the grocery shopping ordeal this morning....honestly...all that trauma and it costs you so much to do it..crazy...I wish I could just have food pills.

Then I spilled coffee all over the place...not my fault this time...the lid on the Folgers can didn't the floor got another mopping...I think we'll maybe eat dinner off it tonight.

And now I have to cook said dinner...another of those housewifey things I find a chore. I tend to cook in bulk, get it all over with and freeze it. Pot pies and sausage rolls tonight...I do the filling, Mick does that yukky pasty stuff.

So Mick has tootled off to get a new tire for his motorbike and left me cooking.

Dang that bike costs him more to maintain than me....but isn't that often the case with the 'other woman' :-)


  1. I'm a "primitive hunting" widow. FH spends his weekends carving longbows, making arrows, and working on any and all ancient hunting techniques. This includes tanning hides, etc.

  2. Mick has a bike, my Walter has his golf. I do not follow him anymore, I'm fed up of being a caddy and I do not like golf at all! and it is pricey right here!

  3. Dear Jayne: Thank you for joining my modest blog as a follower!

    M, from the United States

  4. Actually, I get as much fun from the bike as he does :-)

    Golf....nah...can't get along with that.

    Now making hunting tools...that I'd love to see...wouldn't want to do the hunting bit though.


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