Thursday, 12 March 2009

For the nosey amongst us, and because I'll use any excuse not to mop, I thought I'd post some pics of the rest of my workroom.

This is my storage corner...although it is getting rapidly overtaken by computer paraphernalia. The monitor is ancient but Mick wants to set up a pc in the garage as a test machine for something. The black box is a server from Circuit City, they went into liquidation and were selling off everything including their servers...and Mick just had to have one.

These little drawers are perfect for storing minis in. Oh look another computer tucked up a corner.

This is mad scientists HQ. I have no idea what half that equipment is other than, in the case of an earthquake, I need to save that rather than my stuff as it costs $1000's

And here is the work area Mick built me in the garage...pretty cool huh :-) I am supposed to do all my messy work out there and not on the dining room table.


  1. I have problems to sent a comment, I will try again.
    This work area is perfect for all the sawing!
    I see a cute little house there!
    * marlies

  2. Those are wonderful drawers! If you need more excuses to avoid mopping you could open a few. ;-)

    Mostly kidding...

  3. Don't worry, we nosey people have LOADS of time if you want to show us something more..... mopping can always wait ;o)))

  4. Procrastination is easy when it comes to cleaning :-)

    Yes that little house belongs to Rose the florist. She is patiently waiting for a finished roof and some furniture.

    She is a funny old bean and it is rumored she did away with her husband...who knows !

  5. Count me amongst the most nosey ...I LOVE peeking at studios... fun to spot all the goodies and how other artists have things set up. I noticed the 'Pickled vicar' well as the map...with a little 'detour' through Lake Havasu..hee hee! Great work areas that Mick has set up for you...

    To Mop or not to mop...that is ALWAYS the freakin question isn't it.... I say, why should I mop when I can sip wine and relax....

    Thanks for sharing


  6. Ahhh the map...those are all our roadtrips.....well at least up until the last 2 years...we have been very lax at keeping it up and there are a lot of west coast trips to be added. Luckily for me, Mick has the memory of an elephant so he'll have no problem remembering all the roads we took when it comes to updating it.

    Havasu :-) looks like it has 3 trips through it....some of the roads we do often so you the pen overlaps.

    I know it's really cool having all this set up....good job Mick needs his work space as well so we get it.

    My Pickled Vicar box is full of goodies ready for when we actually build it...I even have urinals which I need to dirty up for the mens bathroom :-)

  7. Do men have dirty bathrooms???? I am SHOCKED with this news!!!


  8. Ah, what's a dining room table for if not to make a mess on?
    We have a very small sunporch at the front of our house that I am supposed to craft in, in the summer it's way too hot and in the winter it's freezing. I'm surprised I get anything done around here. Having a minimalist for a husband doesn't help either!
    I love those little drawers!

  9. Same with our garage Mercedes.

    And isn't like we've ever eaten from our table lol.

    Those drawers are excellent...I just got them from a regular DIY store. They are just balanced on top of each other and every time we get an earthquake I swear I'll attach them properly but I always forget...till the next earthquake !


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