Thursday, 19 March 2009


If, by any chance you are attempting to make foxgloves with this my instructions, completely ignore my last posting.

It isn't working and they look like crap.

I am struggling with the buds that are partially open. I don't like working with florist tape at the best of times but, it seemed to work. Now I am wondering about it's longevity so it is probably best not to use it at all.

The problem I am having is, I guess, related to scale. I can get them to look perfect but the buds are too big. If I make them smaller then the detail I put into them is totally lost.

I hate it when that happens, you want detail but on things this tiny sometimes you just have to create the illusion rather than making it just like the real thing :-(

So I am now stuck as to how to proceed. I will figure it out but it may take a little while.

Nikki, sorry they are taking so long but honestly, they look real bad and I won't send out anything like that.

Back to the drawing board....or should that be back to the paper and toothpicks.


  1. I still think I'd love to go through your work room trash, Jayne. Your rejects are so many times better than anything I could do. I hope you are able to figure out how to make the foxgloves so that you are happy with them. I'll keep watching your progress!

  2. :), just as well now I can concentrate on my temple :) although I suspect they are probably not as bad as you think but yea, I am all for precision.

  3. Yup I'll figure it out...eventually :-)

    De if anyone can do it you can, is just practice and a demented sense of determination.

    Sans, honestly they are as bad as I think :-)


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