Tuesday, 17 March 2009


After posting the photo of the lit staff we made I've been asked a bunch of questions regarding lighting things up.

Let me just say, Mick did all the lighting stuff...I did the easy part and made the staff.

Mick is an electronics engineer who makes life support equiptment (ventilators) so lighting a staff, or any miniature, is simple to him. He speaks in the tongues of strange languages such as biology, physics and chemistry...all completely over my head.

He is working like a madman at the moment on a new ventilator they are about to launch but, once he has figured out all the problems and it has all quietened down, I'll ask him if he will do a quick tutorial.

In the meantime, maybe you can figure it out from this photograph.


  1. That picture made me laugh!

  2. he he....although I have to say my mad scientist is much better looking :-)

  3. I'm used to mad scientist having had a former nuclear phisicist husband! but yours seems more good humoured!

  4. Lol. Oh can't wait for the tutorial if he manages to find the time. I'd love to do this myself to wands and staffs but unsure what to do.
    My own husband is an electrician but being petrified of miniatures doesnt get involved.
    I may just have to bug him about this... lol

  5. Nikki....just question his abilities as an electrician..."if you don't think you can do it honey that's Ok, I'll find someone who knows more" Bet that'll get him moving :-)

    Rosanna...A nuclear physicality huh...bet dinnertime conversations were interesting. I suppose I should be grateful Mick just likes to make things explode and doesn't attempt to split an atom.

    He is extremely good humored...to the point of crazy at times - I am amazed he has lived to be almost 50 with some of his antics lol

    In all seriousness though, he is extremely dedicated to his work...has to be really, these machines save lives.

  6. I thought that really was Mick!

  7. That is tooo funny Jayne...isn't it Fun being married to a Mad Scientist!!? But remember...you are allowed to Smack Him Silly if he ever calls you Igor!!

    Can't wait to see the results...


  8. pfffttt....like to see him try call me Igor :-)

    Yes it is fun.....I might roll my eyes often but he is definitely fun !

  9. LOL Brilliant picture Tallooly!

  10. he he.

    No Sans....Mick is better looking than that :-)


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