Friday, 20 March 2009

Stuck in a corner

Well, I've mopped myself into a corner, literally. Luckily it just so happens that is it where the computer is so I can take a break. Don't want to be getting footprints on my clean, but wet, floor now do I :-)

But really, what is the point of cleaning when you live in the desert. I dust and within 5 minutes everything is covered again.

It is hot so I am in and out all day. I feed the birds lots so am forever dragging in sunflower seed shells or bits of seed.

Add to that I have really thick long hair and shed like the worst dog ever and you'll see why I hate cleaning. My hair is blond which makes it can't see it to get at it until it starts forming hair balls under the dining table.

I don't have a pet but I did buy a pet vac.......for my own hair :-)

And the house we live in, not only is it full of nooks and crannies the vac won't reach into without pulling out one of the attachments, one wall of the living room is almost all mirror...can I say 1970's. Which is rather strange seeing as how the house wasn't built till the late 80's. I hate it with a passion.....not just for it's ugliness but it is so hard to keep clean. I have considered embracing it and doing the living room to match...glittery disco ball and all :-)

Seriously, it is enough to make me consider going out to work just so I can justify paying a cleaner to come in and do it.

Oh well, back to the slog I guess. May as well carry on while I'm on a roll...I am cleaning like I am about to give birth or have visitors over.


  1. I feel for ya', Jayne, my hair is just as bad! Don't you just love it when one gets inside a sock and then gets all twisted around your toe? :D

  2. LOL Grace... yup. Mick on the other hand isn't so excited about my hair in his socks.

    You have long hair and live in the dessert as well.

    When I got home to England after my first visit here, he called me and told me I'd left something behind. Assuming it was a book or something I asked what and he said "Hair all over my pillows !" :-)

  3. I have many of the same problems. With my husband's long hair it's double trouble though. There is a reason I refer to him as the Fuzzy Husband. ;-)

    One of these years we are going to try and move home to southern New Mexico. I miss the desert a lot. We will have to form a club then... Long-haired Mini-makers of the Sands or something. :-)

  4. Hi Jayne, there is an award for you at my blog. Please come and pick it up

  5. MiniKat...Mick has always had long hair as well...down to his butt when we first met. unfortunately now he has a 'proper' job he keeps it much shorter :-(

    Long-haired Mini-makers of the

    Thanks to check now :-)


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