Thursday, 26 March 2009

They're Coming to Take Me Away Ha-Haaa

So, is this it ? The whomping willow. This is the pic I keep looking at and wondering....could I... could I really ? Would I want to even ? What am I thinking" La la la....crazy thoughts begone.

Someone asked me about this a looong time ago as well...I think I offended them with my rolling around the floor and laughing. I think the comment I got back was something like "but it's only a tree...just twist it up a bit"

I know I am pretty ambitious but seriously, I think this might even push me over the edge of sanity.

Has any miniaturist made one...I need to go watch the Rik Pearce he has one.


  1. I too was asked the same. Does look difficult doesn't it?
    Plus my trees always come up like cartoon men and too quirky, plus everything seems to get a face at the moment.
    I'm sure you could do it though and if so can't wait to see.
    But thats not a dare, so really don't even try because its juts so much work.

  2. Not a're getting to know me well :-)

    I was asked to do the ents from Lord of the Rings too. You could def do those...Treebeard is very quirky....and he has a face :-)

  3. Love treebeard, we found one at a car boot sale for £2 and he talks he is so cool! My son nabbed him! Unfortunatly not 1 12th scale so tooo big for any of our projects :-(
    Yep thats the Whomping Willow , isnt it great! I think the actual tree base wouldnt be too bad (so says Kate who wouldnt have a clue!!! ) but to get the branches, leaves etc....nightmare ! If you thought making the foxgloves was bad eh, it would be one of those things that drives you crazy and you end up dreaming about and cant get out of your head xx

  4. The cherry blossoms would be less work. Does that help talk the requested sanity into you?

  5. he he....thanks Kat :-) Cherry blossoms are a lot of work as well but because they are so small, not so big. Plus, my next one will be harder as I will find a way to get stamen into a bug 1/8th inch across ;-)

    Treebeard is cool huh. When Aydn was little he caught the second round of LOTR mania with the movies so had all the action figures. I'd play with those...WWE wrestling figures I wasn't so keen on.

    I was raised on Tolkien though so it was nice to see it through his eyes. We lived real close to what is believed to have been his inspiration for two towers ( They were the view from my office window) and where Tolkien was bought up so we had lots of cool places to go play LOTR.

  6. What a terrific tree, just begging to be reproduced in miniature. It would be great to watch your progress through your blog!

  7. I think I'll have to leave Mick my sign in details so that, when I become institutionalized, he can post and let you all know where I am :-)

    Anyone have any idea what size a whomping willow should be ?

  8. Jayne, Why you askin' what size this big ugly tree is? Hmmmm? Do we need to stage an intervention before you dive off the deep end?LOL

  9. I personally think that a good seemingly difficult challange is what the body needs once in a while...not too often or there are really good chances of going mad!!!lol.... Go for it....
    Look at it this will be just some wire, paper clay, hand cut leaves an small grassy biggie...right!!!

    Can't wait to see this will be magnificent...


  10. just some wire, paper clay, hand cut leaves an small grassy knoll ROFL

    I do thrive on a good challenge but the foxgloves are a challenge....the WW I am thinking might be far beyond me.


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