Saturday, 7 March 2009

Here is the next step.

Place the leaves on a foam pad, the back of a mouse mat works well, and rub with the tip of a ball stylus until they curl.

Now you need to glue the leaves onto the bud.

I have only glued it 3/4 of the way up as I want the leaves at the very top to curl out slightly.

I've only shown one leaf glued on so you can get a better idea what I mean.

Once you have one leaf glued on leave it to dry before attempting to glue on any more. The glue dot is so small even the tiniest touch at this stage will move it I currently have a bunch of buds with just one leaf on them drying... Boring I know but it really is the best way.

And that will be it from me until next week. Weekends round here get pretty busy, I need to give my eyes and finger a rest for a day or so plus, I have an almost completed dollhouse on my dining table which I promised Mick would be finished and off there this week :-)

Stay tuned...


  1. To add a bit of variety in the one-syllable reactions: eek!

    That bud looks perfect!

  2. Do you use tweezers to apply the leaves, or some other trick?

  3. Gluing and glued, to this series of your posts :).

  4. This is really fascinating to see how you create your beautiful masterpieces...

    Thanks for sharing


  5. Ii's amazing to look at a new birth! I'm glued to your blog and wait for the next part. I love this serial!!!

  6. Amazing! I'm glad the photo's I sent were of some help.
    Looking forward to the next instalment..

  7. You make it all seem so easy. Wait 'til some of these people actually try it...lololololol

  8. There is an award That i have given to you over on my blog. Please come over to my "Miniatures" blog to pick it up.

  9. I use tweezers Grace. I know some flower makers use their long nails but that isn't enough control for I keep my nails really shore...any excuse to bit them lol. have such a pretty way with words.

    Brenda.....I do hope you are going to try them :-)

    Glad everyone is enjoying it...please have a go.

  10. Jayne, if I ever master the daffodils, I might actually try them. Like Grace said, it is fascinating to see how you work.

  11. OK Brenda....I'll hold you to that :-)


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