Thursday, 26 March 2009

Really...why bother... up that is. Five minute after you do it the place just gets messy again.

I need more space to work...things are starting to fall off my bench....although I daren't let Mick hear me say that given that I take over his bench already :-)

This is after a day experimenting with foxglove leaves. Think I'll leave this for a while and go make more buds....I can't get them right but something will come to me when I am not thinking about it.

In the meantime these are 3 photos I have as inspiration for my next project..

A weeping willow tree.....although I think I must be crazy to even think about that one. Another cherry blossom bonsai...isn't this just stunning.
The third is a Japanese flowering pretty...the quince has been on my wall for some time, just haven't got round to it yet.


  1. YES YES YES to all 3. I may even try the weeping willow myself. Just need to find the right branch

  2. It's 6:30am here and I just saw your post as I was trying to clear the dining table of craft stuff before the family get up for breakfast. Was too tired to tidy up last night. But you're right 5 minutes after they've finished I'll have messed it all up again!

  3. Ok tackle the willow and I'll do the bonsais...much more my size :-)

    Really do you use real branches...don't they dry up and get brittle ?

    That would be so much easier....assuming you can find one to suit...I hate wrapping the wires for trees.

    Mercedes...I guess I am lucky that I at least have my own space to make a mess in and if I don't want to clean it up I don't have one would want to eat from my bench :-)

  4. I want a table for myself... and I love the trees. All of them. Weeping willows are among my favourites, may be because there are not so many in Italy and they are exotic.
    Anyway tiding up is an awful thing to do, mostly if you are in the middle of a work.

  5. You have a fabulous view from your workshop Jayne, what lovely inspiration to see the garden like that!
    I love the willow tree, so want a whomping willow for the Potter house. Our daughters school has 2 wheeping willows and every time we sit under them I dream of owning one in miniature! Kate xx

  6. Oh lovely for a willow to be considered exotic...they are so common her I guess people take them for granted...stunning trees.

    Nice view...hmm....not much in our garden to get a view of. Great view of the neighbors kids on their trampoline after school I guess.

    We had willows in our garden growing up was ancient and huge and hung over the pond. We could hide in it it was so big.

    And there you go again with the whomping willow :-)

  7. Dead branches are great but they must not have been rotten (read that somewhere). Of course, I have to find those that already has the right shape and "canopy". They are fragile yes, but which miniature isn't :D. Just that they already are real so the trees ended up looking really good.

    You guys must hate me but I clean up EVERY SINGLE time I finish making something.Hah!

  8. Hmmm....perhaps I'll go scouting for some real branches.

    I would just hate to cut out all those leaves and have it break on me.

    You clean up every time...even after a 30 hr mini making marathon :-)

  9. Tallulah,
    Your work is splendid as usual. I'm sitting here at my computer and just glanced over at the bonsai tree I purchased from you. I keep it on top of my television set so I can see it a lot - it's just too lovely to put in my doll house where I wouldn't get a chance to see it as often!

  10. Hi lovely to see you here :-)

    Thank I said in my very first post about this bonsai(16th Feb is you want to read it)....this is my most favorite piece and I am sad I sold it...yet very happy it went to a good home.

    I know how much you love it and that makes me very happy.


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