Monday, 30 March 2009

Strike while the iron is hot.....

....or not as the case may be.

It appears I have been give this award numerous times….thanks so much all of you who consider me worthy of it.

Now, the dilemma. It also appears most other people been given it as well These things breed faster than a wild rabbit on spring break.

I knew should have done it as soon as I got it….last at the party again.

After all it wasn’t like I had anything better to do….oh wait….what did I do instead…lets review my weekend….

I spent the weekend, listening to Mick cussing Microsoft whilst trying to make my computer faster than Speedy Gonzales. Which he did by the way…he is handy to have around at times.

I went into every supermarket in a 30 mile radius looking for an elusive leg of lamb to make some curry. Why don’t Americans eat lamb? We did find it in Costco and at that point was prepared to pay the $50 fee to join…till we saw the lines.

Ended up making a beef curry which I really didn’t care for.

Knocked over a tub containing approx 2000 maple leaves…..into my glue pallet which had zap a gap on it.

I was approached by a new neighbor (who, BTW, looks like Joaquin Cortez). Apparently he had noticed me out and about a lot. He asked me if I ran every day. Run ? What is this running of which you speak…? I walk...a lot...I also stop...a lot watch the birds or look at the flowers...but run ? Not me ! I am sure he was thinking to himself. “Hey I see this chick out here 5 times a day with her fanny pack (oh I can’t bear that term for it…it’s a bum bag OK !) and bottle of water…how come she is still such a porker” LOL.

And I did laundry…goodness my life is so exciting at times.

So, back to this award…sorry I left it so late peeps but you are ALL worthy of it. I have made so many new friends on here that are deserving of it.

And now back to the foxgloves…they are coming along nicely.

I have to say they are actually pretty easy to make….don’t fall over laughing…I mean it.

Sure they are fiddly but anyone who make miniatures is used to that…and if you’ve ever done smaller than 12th scale they’ll be a doddle.

The only downside is the time they take time…and lots of it. These aren’t like some flowers you can just throw together quickly, each one has lots of small parts and there is a lot of waiting on glue to dry….but other than that…easy peasy lemon squeezy !

And while I am waiting I can cut more Japanese red maple leaves :-)


  1. Hello
    I just want to tell you that during the
    weekend I have read your blog from the
    very beginning to the end, and I love it.
    Especially your serial on foxgloves was
    fascinating, and I thank you for being so
    generous and showing it! I also want to thank
    you for your kind comments on my new blog.
    I am new to blogging and flower-making and
    you have given me a lot of new inspiration!
    Thank you/Eva

  2. Hi Jayne, exciting weekend you had. Here is has kept raining cats and dogs, a good excuse to nestle on the sofa with son and hubby and watch a movie ( Twilight for its gloomy atmosphere which matched well with the outside). I am not trying the foxgloves but sooner or later I'll ask you another fun flower. I truly love your tuts. Hugs

  3. Was the distant cursing I heard from the western skies you when you knocked the maple leaves into the glue?

    I know of a few places to get both lamb and mutton around here, but that's a bit far out of your way. Lamb curry is something I would try.

    I love curry, although I'm not a huge fan of lamb or mutton. I keep trying it though hoping that I will find a way to enjoy it and therefore make my husband happy. He loves it, but will not waste time cooking it when I am home.

  4. hello Eva....what a kind compliment that is....I am glad you are enjoying my blog. Wow reading it all from start to finish.

    Your own flower making is excellent....I hope you give the foxgloves a go.

    Rosanna......sounds like you had a great weekend. Did you enjoy Twilight ?

    I'll help you with any flower I can...that is assuming I can do it myself :-)

  5. LOL....might have been me or Mick cussing at Bill Gates...he hates Windows with a passion :-)

    Mutton...really...I've never seen that over here....Lamb is hard enough to find.

    I am not a huge meat person....if it all vanished I could live on veggies...but nothing makes a curry as good as lamb...nothing.

  6. That's because you haven't tried my mother's curry chicken. THE BEST!


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