Friday, 20 March 2009

Award time

Rosanna has very kindly given me this award

The rules for this one are.I have to to list seven things I love, then pass it on to another seven Kreativ Bloggers.

Hmmm....only 7 things I love...aside from my hubby (have to say that 'cause we only recently got married), my Son and the rest of my family.

1. Surprises from Mick...he isn't a chocolate and flowers man, which is fine by me because I get things like Micro drills and lava rock of Mount Fuji.

2. Yes them and pick them up from each state I visit. Our trunk is always full of rocks after a road trip. Oh no...that just made me realize how am I going to do this now we go everywhere on the bike...I'll have to limit it to a pebble from each state :-(

3. My sense of smell.....Mick doesn't have one so it really makes me appreciate mine Sometimes I feel sad for him but we do get to eat lots of spicy food...he can't taste much else.

4. Music...especially live bands. no matter how well known or not and pretty much any kind except rap.

5. English of the things I miss most about 'home' Especially the small ones with a folk singer and his guitar up the corner

6. Reading...pretty much anything except those ripping bodice, thundering loin type of novels.

7. History...I love to read about history and different cultures... native American and African are favorites but more recently getting very interested in Mexico and it's history.

And now to pass this on....

De from Delightful Minis - for being the most productive and varied miniaturist I've ever come go girl !

Minikat - because she wants to buy me beer and chocolate

Grace at Treefeathers - because we both have long hair, live in the desert and get hair round our toes.

Sans - because she appears to be the only one brave enough to attempt to make Foxgloves.

Rute - amazing for a 15 year old. Go check out her blog.

Lotjes - a fellow flower maker.


  1. Oh dear, I haven't yet attempted it except to take a look at my equipment and since you said NOT to use crepe paper.. I will nonetheless graciously accept this wonderful gift from you Jayne. Thanks! Will post my list up soon :)!

  2. Thanks, Jayne! And for the record, I want to buy you good beer and chocolate. Not the excuse for beer that is so prevalent in this country.

    In fact if you and Mick ever come to the Peoria, IL area, FH and I will take you to our favorite brew on premises pubs that is owned and run by a Scotsman. His beer has flavor. ;-)

  3. Thank you very much!

  4. Hi!
    Lucky me, I found your blog and the amazing, amazing flowers you make. They are just gorgeous and the dying ones so real. Thank you so much for sharing the foxglove-making. It's one of my favourites and I think I'm going to dare try it...

  5. Hi, there's an award on my blog for you to pick up-no pressure to pass it on!

  6. You are all welcome :-)

    Sans, if you can get crepe paper try that...I have never seen it in the US but I think that would be very effective.

    What I mean not to use if the sticky floral tape.

    MiniKat...I've been through Peoria many a time when we were on our travels and lived in Minneapolis. You are not too far from Normal ;-)

    Hanna...your own flowers are very beautiful. I hope you try the foxgloves...only you and Sans seem brave enough :-)


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