Thursday, 5 March 2009

Award time

Ooohhh I got an award from Witch and Wizard Miniatures.

Thanks first exciting.

I need a little while to think about this one...I'll be back...

* * * * *

So addictions huh ! Aside from sex, drugs and rock n roll…hmmm.

In no particular order except I'll start with the most embarrassing....

1. American Idol / Pop Idol. I hardly watch TV but this show is a must. I wish it were on more than once a year. I generally can't abide reality type shows but I love to watch people perform and I love to listen to music...which leads me to my 2nd addiction.

2. Music...pretty much everything except rap. This morning I've listened to Elvis, Tom Jones, Ozzy Osbourne, Queen, AC/DC and the entire soundtrack to Jesus Christ Superstar.

3. My friends…both real and online. I am still in touch from friends from school and old jobs. 2 of my best friends from many years back flew all the way out here from England for my wedding last October which was wonderful. And my online friends…I may not have met any of you but I value your friendship just as much.

4. Reading. Pretty much anything and everything…except those bodice ripping, thundering loins type novels. I am currently reading The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay. Set in the 1930’s South Africa…a marvelous book that got me hooked on the very first page.

5. Travel…we both love to travel. Mick has visited all 48 mainland states but I’ve still got 4 to go. As much fun as we have together, what I love more than anything is taking other people on road trips. I get so much pleasure watching people’s reactions to the wonderful places and sights we show them. No matter how many times I’ve been there myself.

So who to pass this award onto.only 5….tough one.

1. Jodi and Richard of Creager Studios. Not only are they my favorite doll artists, Jodi’s blog is so much fun to read.

2. Gaye of Creating Dollhouse Miniatures for taking the time to compile so many wonderful videos and links.

3. Sumaiya…for taking the time to create a blog on Dollhouses by Robin Carey…..and because they are so wonderful to look at.

4. Richard of Sir Richards Tool Kit….because I love to read about tools and I love Micromark as much as he does

5. And last but certainly not least, Patti. Patti doesn’t have a blog but she creates and makes the most wonderful little people called Burrheads. They are beyond cute and personality and fun just shines from within them. You can visit her etsy store here.

And on top of her creativity Patti is a dear friend. She makes me laugh and, even though we have never met in person, I know that if ever I needed help I could just pick up the phone and call her. Isn't that what real friends are about.

5 is nowhere near enough...there are so many excellent blogs out there. Take a moment to see all the blogs I follow and you'll see many, many more.


  1. Jayne, Thank you. (((()))))

    I'm a bit red-faced as there aren't any Burrheads in my etsy store at the moment. The latest one just found a lovely home in Scotland.

    Oh wait a minute. There is the little nekked one I use as my avatar. :-)


  2. Bless your heart Jayne...i feel like it is Acadamy Awards all over again... I will put my two Fabby Ladies on the mantel...have a few martinis and go on the 'View' in the morning...

    I'd like to Thank the Acadamy..and Jayne!!!


  3. You are welcome.

    It only just crossed my mind I need to let people know I've given them an else will they be able to pass it on.

    I'll get the hang of this blogging eventually.


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