Friday, 20 March 2009

Don't ever, ever.........

........Put regular hand washing dish soap into the dishwasher.

Yes you can see where I am going here. The inside door of the dishwasher was that can be is another story...anyhow so I squirted it with Dawn and started to clean. Duh, I thought, why not just put the dishwasher on rinse....that'll clean it while I go clean somehting else.

So I did and proceeded to go clean the bathrooms. Then came into the workroom.

Half hour later I decided I was was 3pm ish and I hadn't eaten anything yet so I tootle off into the kitchen to make some breakfast / lunch.

Oh my....did you ever see that Doris Day movie where she dropped soap suds into the swimming pool...well the kitchen looked just like that.

So I had to mop the floor....again.

The dishwasher appears to be pretty clean now....of course I still can't see the bottom of it as it is covered in suds lol.


  1. poor you, And you where thinking to save time?
    I hope the soap did not give staines in your kitchen.

  2. Next time put some white vinegar in the Jet Dry hole thing on the dishwasher, add a bit of regular washer soap in it's dispenser, and run it on a short cycle. In fact depending on the mineral content of your water, toss some more vinegar into the dishwasher itself. That's what we have to do here.

  3. O jee, you can wash your machine with a little vinegar, it kils the suds and is also good if you have any lime-attack (scale)??
    Hope you have no damage on your kitchen.
    * marlies

  4. OMG.... I had the 'Movie' in my head while reading your story.......LOLOL...I am sorry, hate to laugh...but it is a funny visual..
    Glad all is better now....


  5. Well I was laughing myself.....until maybe 10 minutes ago...when I had to mop my floor AGAIN.

    I bought a jar of Folgers coffee and the lid didn't fit can imagine what happened.

    Thanks for the vinegar tips...I didn't know that. Will come in useful in case I decide to do something as stupid as this again :-)

  6. This happened to me and my Mom a long time ago when we had mistakenly put some regular liquid soap in the dishwasher ... :S


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