Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Happy St Patricks Day !

I might be a complete hybrid of races but I don't even have a teeny bit of Irish in me. Still any excuse for a Guinness I say, so Happy St Pats everyone:-)

I have to nip out and do some boring chores but I'll be back shortly and promise to catch up on all that's happening later.


  1. You have wonderful taste in beer. If we're ever in the same place at the same time, we should go for one. ;-)

  2. ooohh MiniKat...Guinness and chocolate...you sound like my kind of friend :-)

  3. I try. ;-)

    On that note, have you ever tried a bottle of Mackison's Triple Stout? It has a mild chocolate flavor to it.

  4. Hi Jayne...I like you have not a drop of Irish in me (that I know of) Richard has it all. We do the Guinness though Richard loves Samual Smiths Oatmeal...and here in our town we have a Pub/Micro Brewery Called Mudsharks...there he always orders the 'Full Moon' ...FANTASTIC!!
    And I make him Corned Beef, cabbage and potatoes...then his stomach rumbles all night...WHY do we do this to ourselves...ah well, comes but only once a year...TG!


  5. Sammy Smiths yum !...and Full Moon - A Belgium Wheat Ale, Spiced With Orange & Coriander...sounds splendid.....Richard has good taste in beer :-) And they do fish n chips...can't believe we've never noticed this place.

    We love to go to Micro Brewereies and try out all the local ales...guess where we'll be heading next time we're in LH......fancy a pint?

  6. MiniKat...I love Mackesons....good hearty ale.

    In England there is a pop called Vimto...I guess the closest here would be Dr Pepper or Mr Pib....Mackys & Vimto is quite a popular drink ...sounds gross but is actually pretty good :-)


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