Thursday, 12 March 2009

Clean up day

Well today I need to take a break and do some cleaning. My desk is a tip and that really needs sorting out before I move on.

And so is the house, I really must run a mop around to get up the dozens of little leaves that are all over the place....seriously they get everywhere. There is even one in the bathtub. I have no idea how it got there as we have a glass shower enclosure and the doors are shut lol.

Just look at my desk....ugh ! Definitely, time to dig out the reject tub :-)

I also have a bunch of personal emails to answer, I got so focused on these foxgloves I've been neglecting everything else...bad Tallooley.


  1. Hi Jayne....

    Don't ya just HATE those days when 'enough is enough' is officially time to 'ugh'...dare I say it...CLEAN!!! UGH!!!!
    I wish you well...
    I do love seeing your work table...I adore seeing where people work...thanks for sharing...
    Happy Organizing!


  2. Here's hoping you find a misplaced treasure in your cleaning. I wish that for everyone who has to clean. ;-)

    Thanks again for sharing your work/thought process with the foxgloves. It was great!

  3. What a nice place to work. I love the window facing the meadow. It's very inspiring.

  4. Yup I hate those days...of course if I cleaned more often it'd never get this bad....nah :-)

    I love to see everyones work spaces as well. Maybe we should declare 'National Show your workspace on your blog' day ! They seem to have a day for everything else.

    No treasures found MiniKat :-(

    Rosanna, that's my garden - You can't see it in this photo but I put up a washing line just outside the window...not for washing but the birds love to come sit on it and sing to me :-)

  5. I like your mess. I wish i was a messy person. I spend half my working time cleaning my desk and work area, a quarter blogging and the other quarter not actually working but deciding what to do. TThen the day is normally over... lol
    I liked also nosing at all your pots and tubs. I'm ever such a nosy person and love this kind of thing.
    I also love your paint cage.
    But i do agree, you did need a tidy up because it looked like you had nowhere left to actaully make your flowers.
    Your view is one of the best i've seen so far and how perfect to have the birds singing as you work.
    Also looks nice and sunny. My view is next doors wall and ever so dull.
    Can't wait to see more of the flowers. They look out of this world.
    I feel no guilt... lol

  6. You don't wish you were messy...honestly.

    Once I get cracking with the clay I shall have to be much more tidy than I am now.

    That paint cage is awesome...saves me so much space.

    I didn't realise the photo was so large you could see all my pots and tubs...hope there was nothing incriminating on there lol.

    It is always sunny in least almost always. I wish I could work outside but what laugh that would be with bits of paper this small.

    I am very lucky to have a whole room for this though...and a nice view of the garden. I say a 'whole' room...I have to share it with my mad scientist although I have invaded his half quite a bit :-)


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