Monday, 16 March 2009

Monday already ?

Well, in keeping with the meaning of my name that Brenda posted here on Friday.... we did what every irresponsible person does when there is lot of work to be done….we bailed.

Saturday morning we got up and decided we needed a mini vacation. We rarely have a plan other than we’ll head North, South, East or West. We just follow our noses and see where we land.

So, we headed over the mountains, through the Los Padres National forest and ended up in Santa Barbara. On Sunday we drove back down the coast on the Pacific Coast Highway through Ventura, Malibu & Santa Monica. It was my first time in Santa ever I become a multi millionaire I shall move there. The Mission was spectacular....unfortunately, being a Sunday, we were unable to go in as there was a mass in progress but I will definately be going back one day.

So, no foxglove update today but I’ll leave you with some photos of our little trip.

I am not gong to be like your crazy old aunt and make you sit through a slide show of holiday photos but, if anyone is interested in seeing more photos of this beautiful state, and the rest of the country, you can see them here.

Now I need to go check all these emails :-)


  1. Beautiful beautiful trip that you took...and nothing is more sweet than spontaneity!!! Good for you.
    I lived in Santa Barbara for awhile...but that was back in the early 70's...beautiful place. Richard went to school at Brooks Institute of Photography there.... and he lived in Carpenteria... all that area is such a lovely part of California.

    Hope you relaxed ..


  2. OMG...are those your WONDERFUL Wedding Photos?? How adorable are you I can hardle wait to meet you both. I loved the shoes off picture (me all the time) and the "is it time for a beer' look...hee hee...some great shots...where did you get married?


  3. That's it....we aren't irresponsible...we are spontaneous :-)

    Isn't SB just lucky you were to have lived there. We drove through Carpenteria as well.

    I love all of California...I love all of the South fact I pretty much love all of this perfect to travel.

  4. Yup that is us - Thank you.:-)

    We got married in Hemet at a place called Hearts Home old blacksmith homestead that repaired stagecoaches on their travels. Lovely place...very reminiscent of old English cottages and gardens.

    We are both really down to earth and neither of us are 'big wedding' kind of people.It was going to be just a Vegas do but one of Micks oldest skydiving friends came over at the same time so we changed plans last minute :-)

    All of the photos are just snaps my friends took...I wasn't into having a formal photographer.

    My 2 girlfriends then came on 'honeymoon' with us !

    We are not very traditional lol.

  5. Well I think you had an absolutely Perfect kind of wedding...laid back and relaxed...those are the ones you remember!

    Richard and I are anything but formal married in his Mom's backyard, sitting on a quilt Richard's Mom made when he was a kid...friends in jeans...bbq and carrot cake... I liken it to a Hippy meets John Denver Event..


  6. What a nice getaway for you! Glad you had a good time. Love the pictures!

  7. What a great thing to do, bet you had wonderful weather too. Lovely photos. I love California. Mini Hugs, Jean

  8. Glad you all liked the piccies.

    I love CA as well Jean....can't imagine living anywhere else right now. it...sounds perfect. We'll get on great - tree huggers unite !


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