Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Barking Mad

....that's me right now. I appear to have become a little obsessed by trees :-).

The making of the armature is so easy and I can do it whilst doing something else...i.e. last night watching American Idol and that new Ozzy show (which was chronic BTW but I do have a soft spot for Ozzy)

The problem is, I will end up with all of these tree armatures then have to put leaves on them all. Unless they are dead trees of course :-)

So here is the latest....even though this didn't start as a bonsai it has become much bigger than I is so easy to get carried away and create a monster. Too small to be a whomping willow but I am getting there :- ) Mick's company is closing down his branch so he will be bringing me a boat load of wire ...amongst other goodies, home soon.

I am still working on the foxgloves during the day but I can't do them in the evenings with all the distractions.

I used to be so envious of those miniaturists who could sit and create while watching a movie or listening to music...I just can't do plants like that as I lose my concentration.

Mick works with loud music...when he was at home last week he was writing a complex electronic test procedure using excel.....and had his music on at full blast...not soft or classical music either.....bands like Marillion, Genesis and Yes...or maybe it was Vangellis...I get those mixed up. It totally threw my work out of sync...I don't know how he does it.

But tree wrapping...yay....I can do that and concentrate on something else....I forsee a lot of trees in my future.

So during the days I will continue with my foxgloves, and in the evenings make trees :-)

As for the more piccies yet. They all have the top buds on now so I need to start making the open flowers Will post piccies when they look different from last time.

Happy April 1st ya don't get fooled !.


  1. Jayne, I'm loving the tree! Will it sit lower once you make the roots or will they add height?

  2. Why thank you Miss Patti.....they were meant to be roots but I made the top bigger than planned so I need to lengthen the trunk some now.

  3. Welcome to the club, Jayne, we've got t-shirts. I can't multi-task to save my life!

    There's an award for this blog on my own. Come pick it up anytime.


  4. Thank you.

    I can multitask on some things...better than most men anyhow :-)

    Right now I am blogging, making foxgloves, washing shirts, watering the garden and cooking a roast pork dinner...see :-)

    Just not my flowers...too much concentration is needed and one stray dot in the foxgloves and they're trash. Too much work in them to risk it.

  5. Jayne you dont have a tutorial like the great one you posted for me on paperclay on making trees do you?? Id love to fiddle making a tree but wouldnt know where to start. I Konw Nikkis doing a tutorial soon in a magazine, but didnt know if you had anything on your blog on them? thanks Jayne, Kate xx

  6. Ooohhh you caught me being lazy and playing on the computer. Actually...I am researching lol.

    I don't have a tutorial at all but it is dead easy.

    Take wire and twist...really that is it. Just keep twisting and twisting till you have a tree shape.

    Say you have 50 lengths of wire. Twist it all together above where you want the roots to be. Keep twisting up until you have the height of the trunk.

    Then separate the wires into however many sections you want off the main trunk, twist some more.

    Rinse and repeat...just keep separating and twisting till you get to the top.

    I then wrap mine with floral tape before I add any bark.

    It really is very simple....give it a go...perhaps you could make a whomping willow :-)

    The hardest thing is the scratches off the wire...ow.

  7. Ha Ha whomping willow.........NOT!!!! Leave that to the expert Jayne but thanks for another great tutorial, I will have a go after the Easter holidays, and if its showable, post it on the blog!!! lol Kate xx


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