Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Foxgloves Part Deux !

So, here we are once more. My second attempt at a full foxglove, with new style leaves.

They won't all be identical to this as I shall make each one slightly different as they would be in real life.

Some will have more buds, others less. This has a few caterpillar chewed leaves and one almost dead one....some may have this, others may not.

Before I posted a photo of these I wanted to get the go ahead from Nikki and make sure she liked them first. She did so here we are :-)

The reason I checked with Nikki first is that I am not happy with them. I know a lot of people think I am often too picky so thought I'd share my reasons.

  • I wish they looked less like they were made of paper.
  • I was unable to put the very bottom buds, the ones with the tiny stamen, on a stem. They are so tiny and even using the thinnest of my wire adding a stem to the main stem looked a I had to attach them straight on there.
  • I couldn't split the stamen at the ends....although I managed to split my fingers many times :-)
  • The leaves, although better than my first effort, are still not realistic enough for me. Foxglove leaves have such intricate veining and I was unable to reproduce it in this size.

But, this is the best I am able to this point anyhow. Perhaps one day when I have more experience I'll make more.

I guess I can take consolation in the fact that, as usual, they look better in real life than in the photos.


  1. Ok I know people the hardest on themselves, but you, my dear, have taken prize for going one step beyond and into crazyness.

    They are so lovely! I wish I could even come close to making such an intricate flower look so realistic. Even when you click on the enlarged's beautiful.

  2. omg, Jayne, you are WAY too hard on yourself! They turned out gorgeous! Love the details you do, too, like the dying leaf and caterpillar holes. :)

    - Grace

  3. Jayne, it's beautiful and you are the only person who would be dissatisfied with something so lovely. :-)

  4. These are still fan-flippin'-tastic and I won't hear of you saying otherwise about it!

    I believe you're the best flower maker I've seen in a good many years that works with paper. I defy any of the others to do as well as you are. Hellfire, I defy the clay artist who make flowers to make the whole plants look this good.

    Besides, it's not like you've a pattern to follow other that Nature. You are taking the time to make every effort to make these flowers look real. That takes brains, talent, and a ton more patience than I have. My chapeau is off to thee.

  5. Jayne this is so beautiful, its true we are our own worst critics !
    I had to look at the pic twice to make sure it was yours and not real and I wasnt making a mistake again , thats how good it looks :0)
    julie xxxx

  6. I find your work inspiring and absolutely beautiful. Your attention to detail is so cool and it teaches a lot about looking at things thoroughly. Thanks for sharing your insights! The foxglove is marvellous to my eyes.

  7. Jayne I cant believe you are being so hard on yourself, we think they are absolutly amazing, they really do look like the real thing! The leaves are just great, love the curl and texture to them, so lifelike, and the flowers and buds , colouring etc just perfection. So enough with the negatives, we think you rised to the challenge in an amazing way, I bet Nikki cant wait to have some in her witches garden, I know we'd love them!!
    Kate and John xx

  8. Yes, you are picky!! and let you tell it by someone who is seldom happy of what she produces. They are gorgeous and I'm sure that Nikki will fall off her chair when she'll have them.

  9. JAYNE, THEY ARE GREAT!I really really love those leaves. I can see the stamen too. It looks like the one in the picture you posted! Congratulations Nikki, for being the proud owner of a OOAK foxgloves. I don't think anyone else makes them? It is a very difficult flower to make.

  10. Hi Jayne. Thanks for getting in touch and as you know i love the foxgloves. I think you have worked your magic yet again. They are perfection even though you don't think they are.
    Last night i altered my pond area to make space for the foxgloves and will post some pictures later.
    Thnak you Jayne, and once the rest are complete i will treasure them forever. Mind you please please, please stop if you can't face another foxglove.

  11. I think that you made an extraordinary work!!! I find it very difficult to do.
    My congratulations.

  12. Jayne,

    I think that this flower looks real. If I did not know I was reading a blog of a miniature artist I would think this was a picture out of someone's garden. It is absolutely beautiful- you are an amazing artist! I love, love, love it!

  13. OMG!!!! This is FANTASTIC!!!!!! Could not be more Perfect!!!!



  14. Goodness…y’all making me cry. Damn these hormones!

    Thank you so very, very much all of you.

    As you have all said similar things, if I were to respond individually to all of you I’d be repeating myself, so please forgive me for not doing so.

    Details…caterpillar holes, dead leaves, stamen, texture, coloring etc. I truly believe that it is this attention to detail that makes something made of paper look less like that and more like the real thing. Yes I’ll add details that no one would even know they were there ….but I know.

    It is no different to Jodi, clothing your sculpts with never to be seen undies :-)

    Hanna… a fellow flower maker, and you know I love your work. To think that I can inspire you to push yourself makes me happier than you could know. There are many people who inspire me so to be on the other side of the fence is pretty awesome in my eyes !

    Sans…I have not seen any other miniature foxgloves except some clay ones from Taiwan. If anyone has seen any I’d love to know where.

    Persnikity ? Me…yes I am. When I sell my flowers on eBay it is easy. The market sets the price…no one is forcing people to pay the amount of money they do. Custom orders are more difficult because I have to set the price which I find very hard and is one of the reasons I prefer auction to fixed price listings. However, I believe it is my absolute responsibility to the customer to do the very best I can.

    If I weren’t so fussy then I’d still be producing a pile of junk and I’d never learn. I have come a long, long way since I started this and I’d like to think it shows. I am going to post some of my early work shortly so you can all see…and have a good snigger :-)

    I believe that the day when I think my work is perfect is the day I ought to stop…everything can be improved on.

    I have to wait for some more paper from Japan but once that arrives I’ll get these completely finished and post a picture of all of them together.

    Thank you all again…it is hugely appreciated. (((((( ))))))

  15. I keep coming back to have a new look and each time i find extra little details. I think they are amazing!

  16. Lol Nikki....they'll be in your garden soon :-)

    I might have to make some for me then !

  17. What can I add to what's already been said absolutely brilliant, beautiful Foxgloves..
    Jayne you have the patience of a Saint..

  18. Jayne, like many other artists I know, including myself, we often suffer from a condition called perfectionisumitus. We see the world differently with our eyes. We see the ladybird on the snail on the leaf when most poeple would only see the leaf. Your flowers are superb! I dont know how you do it I couldnt never make anything so delicate and wonderful.

    Debie xxxxxxxxx

  19. Thanks Debie...I am glad someone understand and doesn't just think I am to fussy :-)

    I make flowers, you sculpt...I am useless with clay and don't know how you do that. I will never be able to sculpt like you. Different strokes and all that I guess.

    You can see some of my attempts in my post on March 2nd.

  20. You must be so pleased with the results of all your research and dedication! Perfect!


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