Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Foxgloves bottom

Good morning...hope you all had a wonderful Easter. At times like this I wish I were back in England for my 4 day weekend....it is a bank holiday over there and we get Friday and Monday off...and some people even the Tuesday too :-)

Still working on the foxgloves. I have almost all the flowers made and ready to be attached now. Sometimes I need a break from the repetitiveness so I have also started on the bottom buds that you can see in these photos of REAL life foxgloves.


You can see in the top photo how the stamen sticks out and separates into 2 at the very end. Hmmm......can't seem to manage that with the cotton thread that I am using. Still, it is so small I don't think you'd even see the split.

I am also still working on the leaves... I just can't seem to get those how I want them...but I will. I think I've tried every kind of paper known to man...or at least known to me and nothing gives me the right effect. I will persevere.


  1. Ye gods and little fishies, those are gorgeous! *blink* Just fantastically gorgeous!

  2. Erm...those are the real thing...not my paper ones.

    If only I could produce flowers in paper that looked like that ...sigh.

    Sorry to disappoint you :-( It just never occurred to me someone might think those were mine lol.

  3. LOL Jayne I thought the second pic was your work too ! I think this says something about the beautiful work you do :0)
    For once it has been a glorious easter holiday weekend here in england, real "melt the easter eggs" weather !
    Hope you had a lovely easter even without the bank holiday
    julie xxx

  4. I thought the same when I saw the pics! then I started reading and I thought: well, SHE can do that! And I'm absolutely sure of that!
    Mini hugs

  5. Your attention to detail is outstanding! I do not think anyone but you would notice that the end of the stamen splits in two! I cannot wait to see the finished flowers. You must have the patience of a saint!!! I wish I could come over and watch you work!

    Hope your day is sunny!!!!

  6. Thanks...I feel rather embarrassed now though.

    I have had people think my paper flowers were real but never the other way round....if only I were that good :-)

    Thanks so much for the vote of confidence ...I'd love to say it was patience that keeps me going but it is more a combination of arrogance and sheer pigheadedness. Not the best qualities to have, if only for the huge amount of dissapointments you set yourself up for.

    We had a good Easter thanks Julie, even if it wasn't a bank holiday. Mick was on jury service Friday and work on Monday....but the good news is we found lamb in the stores....maybe it is a more common Easter meal here.....so we bought every last joint lol.

  7. Hi Jayne: Best wishes on your project! Also, my blog has moved to http://mizmaryminis.blogspot.com/

    Mini hugs,
    Mary (formerly of Sunny Sunflower Minis)

  8. YOU CAN DO IT, JAYNE! OOh AAH (Cheer!) :D :D Took some pics for you at the Museum. When you need to relax go check them out at my Projects Blog. More coming especially the one called "Winter Garden"

  9. Your flowers are truly wonderful, so tiny.

    I cant wait to see more.

    Debie x

  10. Oh Sans...my biggest cheerleader ...thanks for the vote of confidence :-)

    Welcome Debbie and thank you very much. I love your sculpts.....I wish I had that kind of talent with clay.


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