Wednesday, 1 April 2009

I Love Your Art Award

Another Award, this time from Mary at Sunny Sunflower Minis.

Thank you Mary, glad you enjoy reading my blog and 'love my art'

Now 7 likes or loves, aside from family...I have deja vu now so I'll try and think of a different 7.

1. Roadtrips - Anywhere and for any length of time on the bike or in the car.

2. Cats - one day when we grow up and settle down somewhere I'll have lots of them. Not fair to do it till we grow up and quit moving about.

3.Blogging - considering I was so hesitant to the idea I have come to enjoy it and have met so many new friends here.

4. Chocolate - but only the English kind which I don't get much of nowadays :-(

5. Walking - I walk a lot. Not far but frequently. Every time my eyes start to hurt from flower making I do a quick whizz around the block which clears my head.

6. Birds - the feathered kind. We have all the gear and the books and often go birdwatching.

7. My journals - well really they are scraps of paper but I have them going back years. Very interesting to read what I was thinking at each point in my life. Especially the ones when i decided to quit my job, sell everything and move. I was planning to move to Africa but came here in the end. Looking back I am amazed i didn't have a breakdown I was so confused with my life.

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Now to pass it on....I award this to...drum roll please...I shall try and give it to people who have not had this already.

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And last but not least...

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