Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The part I love most

...about making miniatures is the joy they bring to someone else. It gives me the greatest satisfaction, to not only know they have gone to a good home and will be loved, but also to see them in their new home.

You may remember a short while ago I posted this photo of a geranium and ivy hanging basket I made...

Well, as soon as I posted the pic I had a bunch of emails from people wanting to buy it from me. I was overwhelmed and decided the fairest way to do this was to offer it to the very first person, which was Kim from FlowersAndArt.

So now, Kim is the proud owner of this little basket.

Please take a minute to go and look at her blog here and see it in her beautiful flower shop. It looks so much better there than sitting on my shelf without a proper home.

Thank you Kim, I hope you enjoy it for many years.


  1. Hi Jayne. I popped over to Kims blog and think the flowers found the perfect home. The shop is fab and it all looks wonderful.
    I was also having another look at all your old work in the post below and think it was all perfect even back then. Mind you even though it was perfect your work now has took many a leap forward and can only wish i could make such detailed mini's myself.
    Everything is fabulous and have been telling everyone i meet about my foxgloves. Nobody is really interested and must think i'm off my head but i'm like a child on christmas eve and full of wonder. Can't wait!
    I've been looking out for paper for you but i really dont know what i'm looking at in the paper world.
    I'm also hoping to go to the kensington show next month and when there i shall get the contact details for this lady that makes flowers. She doesn't cut everythng out like you but she does have some wonderful products that you may be interested in. Plus she makes them with this special paper that doesnt break and shll find out what it is for you. I shall quiz her and then not buy anything... lol.
    She pulls them from a sheet as if they are laser cut or something like that and the paper doesnt even break. Before you pull it though you paint on both sides and ad all the little details. Plus i'll try and find the details for this lady that makes flowers from cold porcelain and the mix she uses she sells so will try and buy you a pack. I've bought other makes of cold porcelain but it always breaks and this ladies mix that she makes herself is wonderful. I'll have to ask debbie because she has a better memory than me.
    Off to do some dull housework.

  2. Jayne,
    I cannot thank you enough- I feel so lucky to be able to be the proud owner of this artwork! I will cherish it forever:)
    I wish I could give you a huge hug!

  3. That's the part that I love most, too. I've only entered the mini world recently but already I get such a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from what I've been able to produce and share both with my family and other bloggers.

  4. Lucky lucky lady thats a gorgeous plant, cant wait for Nikkis reaction on her foxgloves when she gets them, if I havnt missed that already? xx

  5. What about your flower shop. Has Rose been released yet?


  6. Sorry peeps I am not very well at the moment so my responses, and posts, will be slow.

    Nikki you make me smile. Isn't it funny when we get excited about minis and everyone looks at us like we're crazy.

    I have seen many laser cut petals and leaves...some are fine others are not. What I find most is that many have no stem and are meant to be glued direct to the plant....I'd dearly love ivy leaves laser cut as they are so darn time consuming but I've yet to find one with a decent length stem and real leaves aren't just stuck on.

    I have never tried cold porcelain...I tried clay but to get it thin enough I found it too brittle. Too many clay flowers are thick and look odd.

    Thanks for looking for me :-)

    Isn't Kim's shop wonderful.

    Kim, I should be thanking you but you are more than welcome :-)

    Mary...the sharing is the best part isn't it. she hasn't had them yet. I am waiting for some more paper to be delivered from Japan...I didn't realize I'd need so much.

    Joyce...Hi....Rose is doing well actually. Her shop is almost finished...just waiting on ridge tiles and some fittings. Trouble is she keeps getting interrupted with orders and has to go make those...have to pay the bills :-)

    She was released...despite endless rumors on the internet, they couldn't pin Georges death on her. The police were a bit sloppy in my only has to look at the books she authored such as 'Plants That Cure - Plants that Kill' & The Field Guide to Dangerous Mushrooms' That should have given it away. Oh and it turns out George was having an affair and left everything to his floozy so, after all that Rose didn't get a bean anyhow....hence making up orders and not buying furniture :-)

  7. Jayne, this is such a sweet & heartfelt post :). I can totally now understand how someone can part with something they have made which is beautiful. It is always the one that you are not happy with that you cannot part with right?

    I also agree with you. Being able to make someone happy is a gift and we should treasure that most of it.

    Get well soon, my dear.

  8. LOL "Plants That Cure-Plants That Kill." Oh that Rose...

    Jayne, It's treat to read your blog whenever you feel well enough to come in here. Sure hope you're perky soon. ((((())))))

  9. got it...the best goes, the worst stays with me :-)

    I have always loved to give gifts...I'd give it all away to be honest and Mick tells me I need to charge lol. He says if we won the lotto we'd be left with nothing and he is probably right :-)

    Yup Patti....that Rose is a stinker :-) Far more going on there than I care to know I think.

    Thanks for the get well wishes....I'll live...nothing serious :-)


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