Friday, 10 April 2009

Happy Easter

To all who celebrate Easter,
may you and your family have a peaceful & enjoyable time.

The photograph shown is a bowl of daffodils I made sometime last year.

These were my first real attempt at making daffs but I was pretty pleased with the way they turned out.

I had planned on doing an Easter giveaway with these as a prize but left it kind of late and with so many people going away it doesn't seem fair to do it this weekend.

If anyone is interested in me doing it after Easter just let me know.


  1. It would still be a wonderful spring giveaway, Jayne. They're beautiful!

  2. Jayne, I hope you have a wonderful Easter!!! Your work is so amazing- I am loving those daffodils. I just wish that they were growing in my garden instead of on your blog :)

  3. Your daffodils look real. Are you sure they are not real?

  4. Thanks.

    Yes they are fake lol....just paper, wire and thread :-)

    Wish they were in my garden too Kim :-(

    A spring giveaway is a good idea...thanks De.

  5. So beautiful!! My favorite daffs with the darker centers. I planted Narcissus "Jetfire" this year which have dark centers too. A giveaway would be so generous of you, they look so real.

  6. Thanks Jean.

    Jetfire are a beautiful variation. perhaps I'll make some of those next with a much darker center than these have.

  7. Thank you Jayne! a spring give away so beautiful can only be welcomed.Daffodils are so pretty and merry. Best wishes for your Easter.

  8. Your daffodils are so real. Your attention to detail always amazes me!

  9. Jayne wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter.
    Love the Daff's..

  10. Happy Easter to you and your family...and I desire to say that your flowers are very nice and pretty and you are really great.
    Sorry for my english.

  11. Hey Jayne, Am Back. Nice to be greeted with these daffs :D!


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