Monday, 6 April 2009

Geraniums and Ivy

Good morning all,

I have been busy, busy so no time to post anything on here.

Still working on the foxgloves...I am down to the bottom flowers now Nikki so they are getting there :-)

While I was waiting for paint to dry over the weekend I threw together this geranium and ivy hanging basket...I can say threw together as all the leaves and blossoms were leftover from another one so were already cut and painted...I just had to glue them all together.

I love the way this variegated ivy looks but it is so fiddly to make, the main leaves are bad enough to paint but the end ones, those real tiny ones, almost send me blind. I can barely see them let alone paint them.

Personally, I am not crazy on this one. There is nothing wrong with it...I just don't like it much... but it is good enough to put up for sale....someone might like it.

I really want to make a huge ivy vine to cover the one wall of my house but the thought of all that work...ugh.

The geraniums, on the other hand, are dead easy to make. I quite like them in miniature but can't stand the smell of them in real life. I do have them in my garden, but only because the black Phoebe bird loves the bugs on them. They are far enough away that I can't smell them. the smell reminds me of cat pee...yuk.

Well that's it from me....back to the foxgloves !


  1. ohhhh, if no one speaks up I would love to buy this- it is the one I am in love with!!!! You could email me at if you have not sold it yet!

    It is gorgeous!!

    Kim :)

  2. Hello Jayne, great to find your blog, the ivy leaves are impressive :0) must admit I dont like the smell of geraniums either , but these look great !
    julie :0)

  3. Beautiful! Such lovely details. Nikki x

  4. Jayne, I love the geraniums and ivy. The ones I own are among my most prized minis. Don't know how you see any of the tiny leaves without magnifying glasses.

    Now I must make an appointment for my nose. I like the smell of geraniums. LOL

  5. I love it. Tell me when it's up for sale and maybe I can hint to FH. ;-)

  6. the lady with the pumpkin fetish :-) Thanks Kim.

    Kat...I am sorry, Kim got there first and I had so many emails about this today it was only fair to do first come first served.

    I will make some more soon.

    Thanks Nikki...I'm not slacking on your foxgloves...honest !

    Patti...I don't know how I see either...Mick has a proper lit magnifier thing but I haven't had to get it out yet. I can't use them very well and end up pricking myself with the pins I use to place the leaves....I lose all perspective.

    So you like the smell of cat pee huh lol.

    Julie...great to see's been a little while. Hope Ellie is doing's she's all grown up now :-)

  7. Wonderful!!! I love ivy, covering one wall of your house with it would be great but so much work.

  8. Thanks Jean....I love ivy too.

    I could do regular green ivy I guess, that would be much less work, but I love the variegated variety.

  9. Jayne, OMG, these are great! This is worse than bidding on ebay cos I came in so late!!

  10. Hi Jayne...

    Exquisitely Beautiful!

    Have a Wickedly Wonderful Wednesday


  11. Sorry Sans :-(

    I didn't expect to have a bunch of emails about buying it...rather blew me away.

    Thanks so much Jodi.


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