Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Painting the Roses Red

Thought I'd share the starting pictures of my current project...the rose tree from the 'painting the roses red' scene in Alice in Wonderland.

Obviously this is the very beginning and it will look nothing like this when I am finished...I hope :-)

It is basically made from 32 gauge wire that I twisted, twisted, then twisted some more....I set it into a piece of brass tubing for stability.

This is the image I have been given to work from and
when it is finished it will look something like this...

As I mentioned this is the very bare bones of it....I will prime it then paint it to hide all the twists and turns....then I'll trim it to shape and start adding the leaves and the flowers.

Considering it was the roses that made me nervous I actually now think they'll be a doddle compared to making this form...this was maybe my 4th attempt. Still at least I now have other tree forms ready to go.

Thanks for all the comments on my workroom piccies.....I think it is fun to see where everyone works....guess I'm as nosy as the next person :-)

Now.....hands up...who zoomed in for a lesson in splitting the atom ? We've gone all science crazy here....even more than normal...since our visit to New Mexico.


  1. That is going to be fantastic! I can't wait to see it all finished. (I love that scene in Alice in Wonderland!) Heck love the cartoon period. :-)

  2. Would you believe I've never seen it !

    If it comes off as planned it will be pretty cool I think.

  3. Its going to look great Jayne. Goosebumps.
    Debie xxxxxxx

  4. Can I assume the tree will have both white and red roses..;o) Is the tree 1/12 scale?

  5. I hope so Debie :-)

    It will indeed Tabitha....I think it is for a 12th scale scene. I was asked to make it 4" tall and I just do as I am told :-)

  6. My hand is up. I must confess that I zoomed in - course I have an excuse - my eyesight is failing so I have to look closer. LOL Can't wait to see your rose tree progress.

  7. Jayne, I can't wait to see this fantasy rose tree! Someone is making Alice in Wonderland! Wow :)

  8. Love it Jayne, its looking just right so far, I cant wait to see it completed :0)
    julie xx

  9. spooky! I have almost the same project on the go! looking forward to seeing yours soon, everything I do gets done so s l o w l y !! LOL

  10. LOL Doreen...hope you learned something :-)

    I don't think this will be so fast...a lot of work for a little tree and I am learning as I go along :-)


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