Wednesday, 3 June 2009

What a choice :-)

Well, yesterdays post worked better than I expected and I got a huge range of ideas to go onto my 'to do' list.

Now I am motivated to get through my current orders and get many of them jumped out at me.

It took me all morning to go through and look at all the pictures. Sure I could just scour the internet for ideas but this was so much more fun :-)

Here is a photo of some of the ideas you had.

We are having crazy weather here today...someone needs to tell the weather guy that this is California and it has to stop !

We've got thunder and the strangest rains really hard with huge raindrops...for all of 5 minutes then stops. If I look out the front it is blue skies but out the back it is black.

Very odd indeed but I seem to recall it was around this time last year when we had 3 tornadoes touch down and 3 inches of golf ball sized hail.....that was so much fun. Many of the kids in the street had never seen white stuff before and were trying to build snowmen from hail :-)

The poor computer doesn't know if it is on or off the electricity if flickering so much...good job they both have battery back ups. And the internet connection is spotty at best.

I think I'll go bake a cake instead :-)


  1. Quite strange weather indeed. You're not alone in the weird weather department. We're back to having to cover our tomato plants again do to night temperatures below 50 degrees. "It's June... but it's June..." was being mumbled by my husband as he wandered out with some large, plastic bags. ;-)

  2. That montage is a great job, Jayne and I think I spotted my purple saffron coitus inter.. (what's the name I used again??)..heehah!

  3. Well it sure does look like you are going to be a busy bunny. I hope you had a great birthday. This might sound mad but I love a good thunder storm, we dont get many in the UK. Its sunny here but the breeze is a little sharp. Looking forward to seeing all your new creations.
    Debie xxx

  4. But it's Sounds like me and my 'But it's California' :-)

    Yes Sans...the coitus is in there :-) Aside from how tiny they are, those look easy.

    We use saffron a lot in cooking....flippin expensive stuff.

    Not mad at all Debie..I love a good storm as well ! You've been having some nice untypically British weather of late :-)

  5. Hi Jayne...I think we are starting to get your strange weather...been weird here all day...the June Glooms!! Which are rare for us. I love the rain and I hope we get some out of this gray and is like it is taunting me!!
    I am with you,,,baking a Cake sounds like the perfect thing to do....mmmmmmmmmmmmm CAKE!!!


  6. June Glooms...I have to say I love that phrase :-) I didn't know you got it right into the desert by you though I must admit.

    We are heading out into the desert in a weeks time...hope it clears by then. Although I have to say I'd love to see a real desert storm, so long as it is nice before and after.

    Rain and motorbikes are no fun when mixed :-)

    Oh and the cake was was only a Betty Crocker box thing but it said to add veggie I did and it was a nasty piece of cake :-(

    Birds and cats seem to be enjoying it though so all was not lost.

  7. Hi Jane. I have read and read, but cant find the right comment. What is the red flower in the middle? I'm making a copy of it for my witches garden and will be great to know what it is.
    I think i'll also make another version of it in the darkest purple possible with white dots and a luminous centre.
    Wait until you see my plants. Well chuffed with them. Hopping on my broom to the moon and bacl... lol
    Nikki x

  8. Hi Nikki

    there is a red one on the right...the one with the sticky out ?

    I assume that's what you mean...that is an Anthurium.

    I can't wait to see you plants :-)

  9. No, its the one with the circle in the middle and a little hole and then red leaves with white spots.
    Its kind of in the middle towards the bottom.
    Lol, but not showing the potting shed again until i'm a lot further with the plants. One or two i havnt got right yet and quite a few need a bit of this and that... lol.
    Got to stop talking like bits and bobs, this and that, apples and pears.
    Thanks for your help too.

  10. Oh how fantastic! I just looked it up for further images and wow it grows massive. Mine will just have to be a version of it and much smaller.
    Not going to make the first one have the same centre and will just keep it simple. If it works i'll make the next one with a better centre.
    Wouldn't one of those look fab as a fairy house?
    Hmmmmm... want to make a massive one now. The petals could be the patio and slides for the fairies... Oh lol think i'm going mad. They could have their shady area under the petals and their little gardens amongst the rocks.
    But what a brilliant flower and almost died of shock at the size. Its simply amazing.

  11. Did you also read it smells like rotting flesh ....doubt the fairies would be too impressed with that lol.

  12. Didnt actually read anything but will do later. Just looked at images because i wanted to see the middle in more detail.
    Doubt the fairies would like the smell... lol.
    I'll have to stick with the toadstool i have planned then. Think mushrooms smell ok.


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