Friday, 26 June 2009

Need clay / sculpting help please

For my birthday I got a very nice gift certificate to
Morezmore on ebay.

And I don't know what to spend it on lol. I do really want to have another go at sculpting.

I've been using regular Super Sculpey and have some of it left but I find it so mushy, I have warm hands naturally and combined with the heat of the desert here I find it very hard to work with.

Although I can add the details to it I find that as I am adding detail to the face I am squishing up the back of the head. And I cannot imagine how I might make hands from it.

So I am considering trying another clay.....Morezmore sells either Pro Scupt or Puppen Fimo and I don't know what to go for.

I have heard that Puppen Fimo attracts lots of dust but that it might not be a problem in the darker colors.

Living in the desert it is very dusty here so I am wondering it pro Sculpt is the way to go.

Oh decisions, decisions......anyone have any suggestions ?


  1. I use prosculpt :) have done for years as it needs very little conditioning and has never gone mushy :) When they changed the forumla a while back it lost some of its best qualities and the caucasian clay now turns out quite dark, but the baby flesh tone is lovely and the ethnic clay is a dream to work with :) I think its all down to personal preference though, I think she does trial blocks it may be worth buying little sample packs and seeing which one you like best :)

  2. Jayne I don't know if this will help, but Vicky wrote a piece about Kato Clay on her blog here's the link:-
    apparently it holds it's shape well and is quite a firm clay..

  3. Thanks Nikki...I should order samples I guess....just impatient and want enough to work with in front of me right now :-)

    I was hoping for tips on the clay here and the fact that the Caucasian goes dark is a great one...I'll bear that in mind...thanks.

    Thanks Debbie...I'll go look at that but she doesn't sell fact i don't ever recall seeing it over here.

  4. Hi Jayne. I found the fimo puppen clay not to be a good as prosculpt. The prosculpt i found took on detail easier, everything kept its shape more and the back of the head didn't squish.
    I don't know a lot but its also nice and strong once baked. I also found i could achieve the detail with much more ease, while the puppen fimo was hard work and harder to smooth over joins.
    I found the prosculpt easy to smooth over too!
    I need to email you too!. Thanks for letting me know your parcel arrived safely.
    Nikki x

  5. Jayne, I wish I can help. One thing though, I bought some dolls sculpted with polymer clay (not sure what brand) and kept them all in the same box. Just last week I took them out for pics and unfortunately, 1 doll's face got stuck onto another's pants and when I pried it apart, he lost part of his nose!! do pick one where the clay doesn't stick. Now I need to know if there is any way to repair my poor doll. Maybe later on, you can help?

    I am also looking forward to seeing your dolls.

  6. Thanks Nikki

    I've been reading some more and see lots of complaints about Puppen Fimo so I think ProSculpt is the way I'll go.

    What color do you use ? So one boy dolls face got stuck on a girls dolls pants...perhaps you need to let them out of the box once in a while :-)

    p.s you'll all be waiting a long time to see any dolls of mine...picky as I am :-)

  7. Jayne, if you decide you want to try Kato, Hobby Lobby sells it. I just made two dolls with it and I love the way it looks after baking. It retains color really well and has a bit of a sheen to it after baking. It's also firmer than Sculpey and is supposed to be very strong after baking. It might be worth looking into as you test various clays even if you can't get any with your birthday gift certificate. I will be getting more after working with just a couple of blocks.

  8. Hi Jayne. Not being a sculpting pro i can't give great advice.
    I would imagine for general sculpting a lightish clay would be best.
    I used caucasian prosculpt for my wizard but i would suggest the light flesh would probably be better for most type of sculpting. I'd have preferred the light flesh thinking back.
    I think the seller on ebay does a mixed sample pack.
    Hope you have fun with whatever you do.

  9. Hello Jayne, I would go for prosculpt every time. I have tried all the clays and recently bought a block of the new formula kato but it is just too firm for me to work with, it takes a long time to condition and made my hands sore although I know some people love this clay.
    I use prosculpt baby and also light for fairies etc. It is ready to use from the block and bakes to a beautiful skin toned finish that needs little painting to bring it to life.Good luck with the sculpting !
    julie xxx

  10. Thanks everyone...I think I am going to try the prosculpt and see how I get on with that.

    Now what really over think things sometimes :-)

    Although not a fairy he does need to have a sort of mystical look to him so perhaps the light would be good...I can always darken it.

    De we don't have Hobby Lobby down here :-(


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