Monday, 8 June 2009

Bonsai's, Bushes and Willows

...... is what I am currently working on.

Here you can see the forms that I have started....still a long way to go on most of these yet. They have only had the first level of bark applied and painted.

The willow, started life as a bush but grew out of I figured I may as well go all the way and make a small cherry blossom willow from it.

The bonsai I am currently working on is another cherry blossom but this time it has weeping branches. It seems these grow larger than some bonsai so I made it a little bigger, only to find it won't sit stable in my bonsai trays...they are only a few mm deep. So today I need to find a suitable pot for it.

I should have photos of the bonsai in a day or two. The willow isn't a specific order so that might get left behind for a little while.

One of the biggest problems I have with working so small is static. For the bonsai I was trying to cut leaves 1/8th inch long and circles 1/16th inch across. At this size it is hard enough to do without the added problem of static. They stick to my shaping pad, my clothes, the desk and my tweezers.

I was wining about this and Mick said...."duh...sit at my desk". I completely forgot that his desk was all wired up to be static free due to the delicate electronics he works on.

So I sat at his desk, wired myself up, plugged myself in and BINGO...less static. It isn't perfect and he says it won't be simply because of the size of the leaves but it was definitely much better. So now he is going to wire up my desk as well :-)

We are heading off on the road this weekend so I should finish the bonsai but that is probably about all I'll have time for this week.

That and practicing roses. I agreed to try and make a rose tree but roses are my nemesis. I find them so hard, which is really silly as they are one of the flowers most anyone can make. So why did I agree to try a rose tree you might be wondering...because it will force me to make them and get good at them and the curse will be broken :-)

You know I won't let anything substandard leave this room so by saying I'd do this I have to keep on and on until I can make them......prepare for lots of rejects :-)


  1. OH my gosh! I love bonsais!!! We have two real ones sitting on our fire place mantel! Can't wait to see you finish these and the rose tree sounds lovely! -ara

  2. What a good handy hubby! When I first became a floral designer I had a really hard time with casket sprays and made the mistake of saying that to my boss. I was the casket spray person for months and months- but they did get so much easier and eventually I was really good at them- so I think you will probably become an ace at roses too :) I can't wait to see all these branches, bushes, willows and bonsais bloom :)

  3. I wish my hubby could wire me up a desk that's static free. Perhaps if we ever get out that way Mick can explain the process? ;-)

    Let me know if you have any rose rejects... I have an idea you might enjoy. :-)

  4. I love Bonsais too Ara...they are so expensive to buy here least the big ones are...I am too impatient to wait years for a little one to grow :-)

    Kim...a handy hubby indeed...he has his moments :-) Well practice, practice, practice...that is the plan. Your boss had the right idea.

    Kat...I think it is pretty easy...just need the right stuff. His desk is covered with this rubber mat thing, there is some kind of wristband you wear and that is plugged into the mat and into...something else..actually I don't know what lol...I just plugged myself in...good job I trust him :-)

    I do believe the anti static mat is very expensive though. Here he has a real simple set up but at work her has mats to walk on and special clothes to wear as well.

    I WILL have rose rejects...that I can guarantee lol.

  5. I cant wait to see those little trees finished. As for the roses, hands used to be my nemesis and I made myself get to grips with them. Those roses are going to be great I just know it :O)
    Debie xxxxxxx

    Ps have a great trip xxxx

  6. get to grips with them ...pun intended :-)

    They WILL be great....might take me a while but they will be great lol.

  7. Oh I missed the bit about the trip...thanks....we will have a great time...wherever we end up lol.

  8. Jayne, I am having a mental picture of you with all your hair standing on ends, head bent working on bonsais because you are sitting at a "wired" desk???!

  9. Yeah I look like crazy wait that is all the time lol.


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