Wednesday, 10 June 2009

A Bonsai.....finally :-)

Well if I said this little thing had given me grief I'd be seriously under exaggerating.

From the very beginning of the wire form, which I did 6 times, to the faulty clay, to finally trying to get a photo of it this morning.

I took 348 pictures to get these 3. That isn't as bad as it sounds as each photo is taken 3 times at different exposure settings so I only had to actually click 116 times :-)

It would appear my camera is on it's way out...I will weep when it finally dies as it has been such a great camera....poor thing has been in for repair 3 times but it doesn't appear to do much good.

So with my camera and the awful cloudy overcast day we have here this morning I was getting nowhere fast.

Anyhow, I did manage to get 3 so here she is....

This one is based on the weeping cherry blossom bonsais which sit a little higher than the ones which grow sideways. This stands about an inch and a half tall depending on which way you position the branches.

It starts life as a wire form, onto which I add bark, so all of the branches are fully poseable and it can grow in any direction you choose.

The leaves are cut and glued one by one and measure about 1/8th inch. The tiny blossoms at the end of the branches are made from a 1/16 inch circle that I paint and shape to make the newly budding blossoms.

Personally, I am not crazy about this one...not sure why because I loved the first one so much. Technically it is fine but I just don't like it much....probably because it has been a pain in the bum from start to finish :-)


  1. It's amazing. Kudos to you for not chucking it out the window! Hopefully all that gets all your bad luck out of the way for awhile! Hope your day is fab!

  2. Woohho, love the piccies, its truly a beauty Jayne, worth all the effort definatly Kate xx

  3. It's absolutely gorgeous! You have soooo much patience!

  4. Thanks ((((()))))

    I just don't' know why I don't like it.

    Mercedes I don't have any patience...which is why I do a lot of commissions.... I have to make it then. If it were left to me to make something I'd give up when it got hard :-)

  5. Well I find it utterly charming though I know what you mean about finding certain pieces "unlovable". But no matter; someone else will love it!


  6. It's wonderful, even if it was a pain in the bum. ;-)

  7. Thank you...I hope someone will love it :-)

  8. I LOVE IT! :) Quick! Send em to Mama:)! Jayne, I think the weepy bit suits the palace great. I was worried that the Chinese Blossoms will look a little out but not these. Maybe its the droopy, weepy bit that you are not crazy about because cheery (oops, I always mistyped them) blossoms are always so perky? Anyway, they are bendable right? Just like real bonsais. So they can change according to the mood swings at the palace. But I think I will always keep em weepy.

  9. I love it ! It is really lovely Jayne, I too get that where I just dont like a finished piece and nothing will change my mind but I often find those ones sell faster and are just adored by their new owners.
    This little bonsai is beautiful , well done !
    julie xxxx

  10. It may have given you a lot of grief Jayne, but it certainly gives us pleasure looking at it!!!

    Linda x

  11. Beautiful little tree! Great work!

  12. I think it's so lovely! I'm really impressed that you didn't give up after all the problems with it! But the end result is astonishing! Too bad you don't like it, but perhaps some day, when all the troubles you had making it are more forgotten, it will grow on you:)

  13. Wow, its beautiful, so delicate and tiny, I love it.

    Debie xxx

  14. Sorry...I am not ignoring you...busy, busy cleaning. It is bad enough coming back from a vacation but coming back to a messy house sucks :-(

    Well Mama Sans likes it so that is good news :-) You'll have to wait a bit though...I have somehting else in mind :-)

    Yes it is fully bendable so you can put it whichever way suits His Majesty's fancy.

    It is growing on me...I think the real dislike came from the frustration over the clay and then how hard it was to photograph...I'm getting there :-)

    I couldn't give up on it....the Maharajah is waiting...can't upset royalty ya know !

    Julie...I found that a lot when I sold on eBay...funny. Perhaps the ones we don't' like are the ones that took so much effort and are really the best. Sometimes it is easy to lose your subjectivity when you've been staring at a creation for so long.

  15. Wow!!! It's amazing, perfect and beautiful!!!
    My congratulations.


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