Monday, 29 June 2009

Tallulah HQ

Since most of my commissions are finished and in the mail I decided to clean up my workroom.

So while it was tidy I thought I'd show you piccies of my new space...I was going to do it once we'd moved all the new furniture in but it was never clean enough to show :-)

Ignore the fact that the photos appear to have a curve to I don't live in some kind of funky Alice in Wonderland world...I stitched them together using a panorama program I haven't completely learned how to use yet. It is a fairly small room and I can't get far enough away to get much in a photo which is why I
stitched them together.

For the nos
y amongst you...and you know who you are...:-) if you click them they should enlarge...if not just ctrl + and they'll zoom in pretty well.

Micks area.....and mine when I need to work antistatic. In the bottom right hand corner you can see a wrist band...just pop that over my arm and I'm good to go. As for the rest of the stuff, aside from the microscopes I have no idea :-)

My main work corner...right in front of the window so I can watch the critters outside. Oh and that is my super dooper expensive chair...told you it looked noting out of the ordinary...Mick has left his name tag on to remind me I only have it on loan :-).

My white board.....originally for my to do list it is currently covered with a lesson in Nuclear Physics :-)

Drawers....lots of drawers...finally all labeled.

The map is all of our road trips....except for the last 2 years or so when we haven't put them on....must do that soon.

And a bit more do we get so much stuff !!!

Now....I have to go make a rose tree :-)


  1. So much space... a dream to my eyes. And a view as well. I could easily get used to it. Waiting to see the rose tree.

  2. I am a lucky girl I know.

    We actually only have a tiny house but no kiddies here so the space is all ours.

  3. You are very lucky Jayne, so much light and space and that lovely window to look out of.
    Debie xxxxx

  4. THAT DOES IT!!!!! Total envy....I couldn't show you my work room...because I don't have one!!!! We are between houses at present (about to build a new home) so I work on what I can, where I can!! I'm sure you know how lucky you are!!

    Regards,Linda x

  5. It really looks fantastic Jayne! I crave this kind of organization.I have a small house too, no kiddies anymore, and my work room looks like someone picked it up and shook it. grrr

  6. Yes Debie I have loads of light...I hadn't actually thought of that till you mentioned it. I have the big window and 2 lots of fluorescents.

    The view isn't much to be honest...when we lived in Minnesota I looked out on squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, deer and a plethora of birds...her I just have sparrows, the odd phoebe, doves and my feral cats...and they only come when they want food.

    Wow Linda...I expected you to have a huge studio with your mansion.....amazing you do all that without somewhere dedicated to work.

    I guess one of the ways I am lucky is that Mick has all his junk...sorry scientific he needs a workshop too and I don't have to convince him.

  7. Patti...this kind of organization only comes from someone with a disturbed mind :-)

    I am so bad my Ex Hubby warned Mick about me bnefore I moved here !

    And it never stays like is a right tip again now. I just like to organize...not so much keep it tidy.

  8. Your work room is so nice and bright. And so spacious. I have a small room that is cramped and quite dark so I have to have the light on all the time. (But I do have a lovely view of the river out my window so I am not complaining.) I have two cats that roam all night so I have to clear my desk every night before I go to bed or else I will loose a lot of my minis.

  9. It may be small but it looks very efficient! Everything right at hand and lots of beautiful light but my biggest envy is all those electrical outlets over in Mick's space! That is the biggest deficit in my work area even though I recenly had more added.

  10. Jayne, this is such a pretty work space. I like your choice of boxes, Ikea? Anyway, you can pin pics of the room in this state on your notice board , blow them up to be reminded to "KEEP IT TIDY!" I don't have a workroom too so I have to clear up everyday :). YOU CAN DO IT! lol Good thing you don't live with a tight a$# like me

  11. Beautiful! I am one of the nosy ones :) I think it is so interesting to see where someone creates. How nice to share a workspace with your hubby. I don't think mine would share workspace so well.

  12. What a fab workspace Jayne :0) So many lovely drawers and it looks so organised too. Its great to have a view while you work as well. Looking at this has me itching to get mine finished but for now I'll just content myself looking at yours !
    julie xxx

  13. Hi cats here so I can leave everything out :-)

    Tabitha...I never thought about the outlets...yes yes yes...they are a real bonus. they are built into his desk and he plugs the desk in :-)

    Sans...good idea lol. Which boxes do you mean ? the black and white are regular boxes I covered with wrapping paper and the little ones are meant for hardware storage in a those from a DIY store...much cheaper than 'craft' storage.

    Kim...he is at work most of the while I am in here so it works well :-)

    I am the one who encroaches on his space, pinches his glasses etc !

    You'll have a lovely view of the whole garden Julie once yours is done...not long now :-) I can't wait to see pictures of it.

  14. Love the studio space. When you do get your own comfy chair? ;-)

  15. When I've got a spare $500 to blow :-)

  16. It is so lovely, bright and organized! Thank you so much for sharing your photos.

    Mini Hugs, Jean


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