Tuesday, 9 June 2009

No pics :-(

Well I tried securing the bonsai with some paperclay last night but it isn't tight enough so that didn't work.

I have to go to the mall today anyhow so I'll nip into Michaels and grab some more.....just one box this time :-)

Hopefully I'll have bonsai pics tomorrow.

Off to get my toes done and my eyebrows threaded...ya know the important things :-)


  1. Your eyebrows threaded...that sounds scary!
    How great to have shops nearby which sell craft supplies!

  2. You make me think that I need exactly same things....

  3. Not at all scary josje...much less painful than waxing or plucking. they do it with a piece of regular thread...fascinating to watch.

    I am lucky I guess...never thought of it that way...no clay though :-(

    Rosanna...I can paint my toenails but not cut them so it is so much easier...and cheaper than a chiropodist. And my eyebrows costs $3 and takes 2 minutes...silly to do a poor job myself.

  4. Threading, hey! That's Indian! Just to make it kick yourself for not staying in Singapore, you can get it down for S$5 right at my doorstep! With incense and saris and pretty indian bangles hanging 2 inches from your nose..lol! Now my mental pic is Einstein Jayne with perfect brows and clean toes.

  5. Sans I get it done at an Indian place in town....$3.99 with a coupon.

    I got a henna tattoo done while I was there too :-)

    So wild hair, perfect brows pretty toes and a hibiscus growing up my leg lol.


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