Friday, 12 June 2009

This bonsai has a BIG secret

What is it ?

It's really, really small :-)

Did I lose my mind ? ....perhaps but it was fun :-)

You all know I am happy with the last bonsai...well, a couple of days ago I was mopping away, bored out of my head and day dreaming of my next projects you do.

As I picked up a penny that had fell on the floor I wondered ...hmm.....could I make a plant smaller than that. Well I knew I could do that as I've done so many times...but what about a cherry that would be a challenge.

And here it is.....cute huh :-)

It is a fraction over 1/2 inch tall. The planter it is in is just over a 1/4 of an inch. and is actually a bead cap. The blossoms...about 1/16th of an inch. You can't tell so much from the photo but the bark is great and as realistic as my bigger trees.

And I actually like this one very much.

Sorry about the photo quality...not sure what is up with my camera. This one is way much better in real life than is appears here.


  1. Jayne thats so dinky wow, and so much detail. Are you going to be making more?
    Debie xxx

  2. AMAZING!!!!!

    I am in love with it! Sooo very nice Jayne :) I think it would take me an entire year to make something this small and it would not look real, that's for sure!

  3. Ya like it :-)

    Yes I will be making more...I really enjoyed it. I think I will also have a go at making some geraniums this small too !

  4. Thanks :-)

    I am pleased at how real it looks....hard to tell from these pics but the bark is fab and each blossom is colored inside.

    Mick had to get out his little jewelers loupe to examine it and he was very impressed...and that takes some doing :-)

  5. Gosh, its so tiny and amazed you can work this small.
    This tiny one is eually as beautiful as your bigger version.
    I popped over to the site you sent me a link for to look at the glass and found a few lovely tables, some lovely flower kits and also some of those beautiful baskets. Thanks for the link.
    Nikki x

  6. It wasn't easy lol !

    The hardest part is dipping the flowers in the glue.... I have really sharp pointy tweezers but I can still barely grip them because they are so small. I now have a pile of superglue with little flowers in it and tweezers covered in superglue :-)

  7. Oohhh forgot to say...glad you liked that website...she has some amazing things and is really lovely.

  8. I wonder if you realize how impossible this would be for most to make! The astonishing thing you haven't mentioned is, you don't use any magnifier at all.
    And here I can't even read regular print without glasses.:-)

  9. hey I can't read without glasses either :-)

    Just get in my way when I am making flowers...and as for a magnifier...forget it....makes me dizzy and confused...even more than normal :-)

  10. Next time I shall propose artichokes to you and you'll say I'm nut, I'll remember to you this little, little wonder. Seems incredible even to think of something that small. Woderful.

  11. Rosanna you are funny :-) Thank you.

    I haven't forgotten the artichoke and am thinking of ways how to do it.

  12. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I cannot even imagine being able to make something so tiny look so perfect, WOW! you are one VERY talented lady!

  13. Thanks so much Wendie :-)

    I wish I could show you all in is sooo much more lovely in real life.

    Although I've lost it 3 times today already lol.

  14. Oh! Wow! It´s unbelievable. The Bonsai is so lovely ...


  15. I love it when you are BORED!!! The little bead is a perfect touch to an immaculate creation lol!

    Come back safe and rested, my dear friend. You deserve a break from what I can imagine is a terribly back breaking task of making this baby bonsai. Amazing feat!

  16. Thank you :-)

    It is in a little teeny box waiting to be sent to you Sans.


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