Wednesday, 10 June 2009

What a Sculpt !

No....I've not been playing with the clay....only in my dreams could I make something like this little fellow.

Isn't he just adorable.

He was actually made by my dear friend Patti. Now Patti doesn't blog.....yet.....and I though this little guy was far too good to not be shown off so he is getting a guest appearance on my blog instead.

I love all of her work. She has that ability to make a lump of clay come alive with character.

Elfie and his dragon are hand sculpted without any molds. From tip to toe he is a mere 7" tall.

Isn't this picture too cute...
Imagine getting licked and tickled to distraction by your pet dragon :-)

Patti's etsy ID is Faedrianna and you can find this little guy for sale here.

And no...I am not on commission lol


  1. That's what my hair looks like in the morning ;-)

    The little guy and the dragon are adorable. I hope Patti thinks about starting a blog!

  2. Awww she has captured his joy and expressions so well. Hes adorable.
    Debie xxx

  3. Isn't he just too cute...I love his teeth :-) hair is like that too lol.

    I hope she will start a blog soon as well.

  4. Jayne, You are too kind. ((((()))))

    Thank you Mary and Debie. Someday I'm going to start a blog. It's just that I'm the WBC...World's Biggest Chicken.

    Thank you Tallooley. :-)

  5. Oh wonderful !!! and Hellooooooo patti if you see this !!! Hope you get to grips with blogging , would love to catch up with you again :0)
    Thanks Jayne for posting this little sweetheart :0)
    julie xxx

  6. He's adorable!! What sweet faces. :-)

  7. Hi, lovely, I like his expression!!!!!, and those teeth!!!!!!

  8. Hey Patti, START THE BLOG!! :) Your work is great! See of you start your own, I would not have to use Talloopy's comment box to say "hi" to you. Hi *wave.

  9. Taloopy lol....hope that was a mistake...I am not that loopy :-)

    Glad you all enjoyed him as much as I do.

  10. This is really nice to get encouraging feedback on the Elfie. Thank you SO much.

    Hellooo Julie (wave wave) I've missed you.

    Sans, I'm workin' up the courage. ((())))

    Talloopy (snicker) I was trying to think of an example, the little drive when your Mom and Ayden were here.......

    This thing won't let me post my name so I'm going in as anonymous.

  11. Hey Patti....wonder why it wouldn' let you use your name.

    Glad you found it though...didn't I tell ya your sculpts were fab :-)

  12. As the very proud owner of several of Patti's sculpts I have to say that the photographs do not do any of them justice. The expressions are brilliant and I love each and every one of them.


  13. Straight from the horses mouth...and nay...I'm not calling you a horse Joyce :-)

  14. You had better not. lol

    Just to say here that I hope you have a great holiday. You and Mick both deserve it and need it.

    Take lots of pictures wherever you go.


  15. Joycie, Thank you so much for the vote of confidence. ((((()))))


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